Vegetables That Start with O (Complete List)

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8 Vegetables that Start with O

If you’re hoping to learn more about vegetables that start with O, we’re happy to help. Here’s a list of all the applicable veggies we could find, as well as some basic information about each one…

1. Ogonori


Ogonori is a sea vegetable. This red algae is frequently eaten in Filipino, Japanese, and sometimes Hawaiian food. Interestingly, it’s called Irish moss in Jamaica.

2. Oil Palm

Oil Palm

Oil palms include two specific types of palm tree: one from Africa, and another from South America. While they aren’t typically eaten as-is, they are used to produce palm oil, which is found in numerous foods.

3. Okra


Okra may resemble a jalapeno, but it’s far from spicy. The green seed pods in this plant are prized for their mild taste. If you’d like to learn more about it, take a look at our post about what okra tastes like. Okras can be cooked fresh, but they may also be frozen for later use. 

4. Olive


Botanically, olive is a fruit. However, like many of the others on our list, we’ve chosen to include it here because it is used like a vegetable in cooking.

Olives are everywhere. You’ve probably seen them in martinis, or tasted them in olive oil. You can typically find them in green or black colors.

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5. Onion


Onions are one the of the most popular vegetables in the United States. Their zesty heat makes them a welcome addition in just about any meal of the day.

Because of their popularity, onions are scattered throughout countless recipes. You can find them in salsa, sandwiches, soups, wraps, or just about any type of food you can think of.

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6. Orache


Orache is a name for type of plant that contains hundreds of different species. The type that people eat most often nowadays is called garden orache, although there are plenty other kinds that could also be eaten.

7. Oregano


Here’s something that might shock you: oregano is an herb that’s actually in the mint family of plants! Despite its family name, however, oregano isn’t exactly sweet.

The flavor is complex. It has some mint undertones, but its foremost flavors are bitter. You can read more about it in our guide to what oregano tastes like.

8. Oriental Persimmon

Oriental Persimmon

China has grown oriental persimmon for over two millennia. People traditionally eat the fruit of the plant, removing the skin first. If you so choose, however, the skin is perfectly safe to eat.

Vegetables that Start with O