16 Vegetables that Start with G

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16 Vegetables that Start with G

In this post, we’ll be showing you vegetables that start with G. We’ve pulled together every option we found that fit in the list below.

1. Galangal


Galangal could mean one of a few different plants. However, the rhizomes of galangal plants appear commonly in Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian foods. 

2. Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo bean is just another name for chickpea. These legumes are used most often in recipes like hummus and falafel.

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3. Garden Rocket

Garden Rocket

Perhaps the more popular name for garden rocket is arugula. It’s a leafy green that is loved for its use in salads because of its peppery taste that adds a bit of a kick. 

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4. Garlic


Everyone knows about the pungent-smelling and tasting garlic. It’s typically used as a flavor enhancer in recipes. Although most people just eat the cloves, the leaves and flower of the garlic plant are edible, too.

5. Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

Garlic chives grow most commonly in China. In Asian countries, they are used in cooking, but in the United States, people tend to use garlic chives for decorative growing instead. 

6. Gem Squash 

Gem Squash 

While many other plants in the squash category tend to be quite large, the gem squash is rather petite. On average, it gets to be about the same size as a softball. It is prepared as a veggie and baked or boiled in South Africa. 

7. Gherkin


You’ve probably seen gherkins in your local grocery store. These veggies are tiny cucumbers that are frequently made into pickles. 

8. Ginger


If you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant, you’ve probably seen ginger served with some of the dishes – especially sushi. It has a ton of uses, including as tea or as spice. You can find out more about its flavor in our post about what ginger root tastes like.

9. Golden Samphire

Golden Samphire

Golden samphire likely gets its name from the fact it has little golden flowers on it that resemble sunflowers. Although their smell is often compared to that of shoe polish, golden samphire is edible.

10. Good King Henry

Good King Henry

The name of Good King Henry is pretty confusing, especially when you consider the fact that another one of its common names is “poor man’s asparagus.” Most people think of it as a weed, but you can eat it just like how you’d eat spinach.

11. Gongura


To find gongura, you’d need to travel to the streets of India. This leafy green is cultivated for its tart or sour taste and vitamin-rich composition. 

12. Grape Leaves

Grape Leaves

Most people are aware of grapes, the round green or reddish fruits that you buy in clusters. What you might not know is that their leaves are often used as a vegetable in numerous types of cuisines. Quite often, they’re rolled into a cylinder and stuffed with rice, veggies, and spices.

13. Green Beans

Green Beans

Green beans are a bean of many names. You might also know them as French, string, or even snap beans. They make a delicious casserole!

14. Green Onions

Green Onions

Green onions, which are related to garlic, are perfect for adding a bit of heat to a recipe. They also have an appealing white-to-green gradient when they’re sliced up that makes them a pleasure to look at. You may see them sometimes used as a topping on soups and stir fries.

15. Greens


When we say “greens,” it’s a bit of a broad term. The word greens encompasses a variety of leafy green vegetables, including lettuce, spinach, and kale.

16. Guar 


Cluster bean and guvar bean are two other common names for guar. Because of its vulnerability to frost, guar grows in warmer coastal areas in India. The leaves are prepared in a manner that’s similar to spinach. 


Vegetables that Start with a G