3 Vegetables that Start with I

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3 Vegetables that Start with I

Are you searching for a list of vegetables that start with I? To be honest, there aren’t a lot, but we’ve made a list of every vegetable we could find that starts with the letter “I” below…

1. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

If you’ve gotten a sandwich at a restaurant in the US, chances are, it had iceberg lettuce on it. This is the most common type of lettuce in the US, because its mild flavor works with many other foods while still providing that crunchy texture we associate with lettuce.

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2. Ice cream Bean

Ice cream Bean

Despite its name, the South American ice cream bean isn’t something you’d always want for dessert. With a flavor that’s described as being similar to vanilla, some eat it by itself as a pleasant snack. When they’re cooked, however, ice cream beans start to taste more like chickpeas.

3. Indian Pea

Indian Pea

Indian peas come from plants with beautiful violet and indigo flowers. They’re cultivated in East Asian countries to feed livestock, while some European countries like Italy and Spain have people that have historically consumed the seeds. Eating them has declined in popularity, however, because the seeds actually have a dangerous neurotoxin in them that can harm you if eaten in large amounts.

Vegetables that Start with I