11 Vegetables that Start with D

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If you’re trying to find a list of vegetables that start with D, you’ve found the right place. Here’s a list of all the vegetables we could find that start with the letter “D.”

1. Dabberlocks

Many might not be familiar with dabberlocks, which is a type of kelp that can be found around Ireland and England. You can eat this edible sea vegetable either raw or cooked.

2. Daikon Radish

Daikon is a type of radish with cream-colored skin. You can eat it raw in a salad or in some types of sushi. It’s also popularly used to make pickles.

3. Dandelion

Most people probably just think of these sunny yellow flowers as unwanted weeds in their garden. We say they’re missing out, though, because this plant can be used to make tons of tasty dishes. It can even be used to make wine!

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4. Dasheen

The more common name for dasheen is taro. However, this root vegetable goes by the name dasheen some areas in the Caribbean. You can eat its corms or leaves. 

5. Daylily

If you think the daylily is just a pretty yellow flower, you can think again. This plant is common in Chinese cooking and appears in hot and sour soup. 

6. Delicata Swash

Although squash is scientifically categorized as a fruit, we’re including the striped delicata squash here because it’s usually treated like a vegetable. Most people using the delicata squash bake it, but you can cook it in a number of other ways, too, like in the microwave.

7. Dill

The majority of people familiar with dill probably know about it in its use as flavoring for dill pickles. Its grassy and zippy flavor makes it useful in tons of recipes, however. You can take a look at some examples in our guide to what dill weed tastes like.

8. Dinosaur Kale

Also known as Lacinato kale, dinosaur kale got its unique name from its look. This leafy green has bumpy leaves that resemble scales – much like how we imagine dinosaurs to have looked. It’s a popular ingredient in traditional Italian minestrone.

9. Dolichos Beans

Dolichos beans, which are also known as hyacinth beans, look like pea pods with one notable difference: their bright violet color. It’s so pretty that some people use them as decorative plants. If you eat the beans, though, you need to be careful to boil them thoroughly, changing the water several times, as they’re naturally toxic.

Their leaves and flowers are safe to eat, making a wonderful addition to salads.

10. Drumstick

The drumstick plant is cultivated largely for its seed pods. You’ll find them in curry or soup, and their flavor is described as being similar to that of asparagus.

11. Dulse

Looking for a good snack? Dulse, an edible algae, is perfect for drying out and making into chips. You can also use it to deepen flavors in recipes like soup, salads, and dough.

Vegetables that Start with D


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