14 Vegetables That Start with A

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14 Vegetables That Start with A

Are you trying to find vegetables that start with A? We’ll show you a list of all the vegetables that start with the letter “A” that we could find, as well as some information about each one…

1. Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash

You might know the acorn squash as the pepper squash or Des Moines squash. It resembles a dark green pumpkin, with a round shape and fluted sides. You can bake, microwave, sautee, or steam this squash. 

2. Adzuki Beans

Adzuki Beans

The adzuki bean is frequently found in East Asian countries. These beans are usually boiled in sugar and made into red bean paste that is used in Asian desserts, such as mooncakes.

3. Ahipa


Ahipa, which is also called the yam bean, is actually a legume and not technically a vegetable. However, since many people think of beans as veggies in a culinary sense, we included them on this list.

4. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts

Believe it or not, these stringy plants are also technically legumes! Because most people think of alfalfa sprouts as veggies, though, we’re including them here.

5. Amaranth


These gorgeous magenta-flowering veggies are actually perennial plants that some call a grain. While many eat amaranth because of its earthy flavor, some also use it as a decoration!

6. Aonori (Green laver)


Aonori, also called green laver, is a sea vegetable. This seaweed is perfectly edible and is commonly used in Japan to make tempura.

7. Arame


Another name for arame is , because it’s a sea vegetable like aonori. It’s a type of kelp that’s used in various Asian foods, including appetizers, casseroles, and soups.

8. Arracacha


Just like potato, arracacha is a root vegetable. It comes from South America, where its uses are also like those of potatoes – boiled, mashed, or whipped.

9. Arikara Squash

Arikara Squash

Arikara squash is shaped like a tear drop and has orange and green skin. While many eat it, many others choose to use it as a gorgeous fall-themed decoration. 

10. Arrowroot


You can find starchy arrowroot grown most often in the Caribbean. You can use it to make a huge range of dishes, including pudding, cake, and even tea! It was particularly popular in the Victorian period.

11. Artichoke


Chances are, you’re familiar with artichoke. This bulb-shaped plant has a pleasantly fresh and mild taste with just a hint of lemon. One especially delicious way to eat artichoke is in an indulgent spinach artichoke dip.

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12. Arugula


Arugula is a leafy green of many names, such as rocket. This peppery and leafy plant makes a great addition to salads because of its faintly spicy flavor profile.

If you’d like to learn more about arugula, be sure to take a look at our guide to why arugula tastes peppery.

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13. Asparagus


You’ve probably eaten or seen asparagus before. This spear-shaped plant often comes in rubber-banded bundles in the grocery store and makes a great side dish for pasta. You may check out this guide on .

14. Aubergine (Eggplant)


If you’ve never heard of aubergine, you probably know it by its other name: eggplant. It commonly looks like a bulbous purple plant with a shiny gloss. It works well in a range of recipes because it’s excellent at absorbing the flavor of ingredients around it.

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Vegetables that Start with A