6 Vegetables with 9 Letters (Complete List)

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6 Vegetables with 9 LettersAre you looking for vegetable names with 9 letters? You have come to the right article. You will find the complete list here, complete with a brief description. Read further to learn more!

1. Asparagus

This perennial flowering plant is cultivated for its shoots, which are consumed as vegetables. Only young shoots are consumed though, as mature ones tend to get woody as soon as buds start to fern out. Usually eaten as an appetizer, there are multiple preparations and recipes in different parts of the world, most commonly, stir-fried, pickled, or boiled.

2. Artichoke

Artichoke is a collective term that refers to different varieties of a species of thistle which are cultivated for human consumption. The flower buds, right before they fully bloom, are what is harvested for food. It is usually boiled or steamed.

3. Broad bean

Broad bean is one of the common names for the species of the flowering plant scientifically known as Vicia faba which belongs to the bean and pea family, cultivated as food. Other names include fava bean and faba bean. Different countries and cuisines prepare these beans differently, although generally, they are eaten while young and tender.

4. Marrowfat

Marrowfat peas is the term used to refer to green peas that have been left to fully mature, as opposed to being harvested while still young and tender, which is typically the case. Because of the amount of starch in marrowfat peas, they are used in making mushy peas. The dark green ones are usually manufactured into snacks in Japan, while the paler ones are canned.

5. Red Pepper

Red pepper, more commonly known as bell pepper, is the fruit of the pepper plant Capsicum Annum, particularly, the cultivar Grossum. However, not all fruits of this cultivar are necessarily red, as others are orange, green, and yellow. It is typically used as a garnish, although it may also be eaten raw.

6. Tomatillo

Tomatillo is a flowering plant belonging to that bears small tomato-like fruit, green, yellow, and purple in color. It is originally from Mexico where it is eaten raw and cooked in different dishes: made into spicy green sauce, or sometimes used as a tomato substitute.

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