6 Vegetables with 13 Letters (Complete List)

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6 Vegetables with 13 Letters (Complete List)

Are you looking for vegetables with names composed of 13 letters? You have found the right article! We have the complete list here, along with a brief description. Read on to learn more!

1. Chinese Leaves

Chinese Leaves

Chinese leaves is one of the alternative names for Chinese cabbage, which is further divided into two cultivars: napa and bok choy. The napa cabbage, which is popular in northern China, has wide green leaves and white stalks, forming a compact head. Meanwhile, bok choy, popular in southern China and Southeast Asia has dark green leaf blades, which do not form a head, resembling mustard.

2. Chinese Radish

Chinese Radish

This root vegetable looks like carrots but differs in color, as Chinese reddish has long white edible roots. The roots are versatile in terms of cooking. It can be served raw in green salads mixed with other vegetables, it can also be mixed in stews, soups, and other dishes. The leaves are edible too, prepared and consumed like spinach.

3. Marrowfat Peas

Marrowfat Peas

These peas are mainly harvested when fully mature, left to dry out naturally in the fields, unlike other peas and beans which are typically harvested young. The dark green colored peas are used for snack production, while the paled colored peas are processed as canned goods. They are also used in making mushy peas, soaked overnight in water, boiled, and simmered.

4. Scarlet Runner

Scarlet Runner

This legume plant is grown both for its ornamental and culinary value.  The knife-shaped pods are edible when young and tender; the seeds either dried or fresh are commonly used as a side vegetable. Other names are runner bean and butter bean.

5. Spring Cabbage

Spring Cabbage

Like kale, spring cabbage has green, long leaves that are loose and don’t form heads. The loose leaves are then well exposed to sunlight, producing greener, tougher, and stronger flavored vegetables, compared to those of regular cabbages. It is a very healthy food, rich in vitamin C, folate, and dietary fiber.

6. Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut

A grass-like aquatic vegetable native to Asia, Africa, and Oceania, Water Chestnut is cultivated for its edible tuber. It grows in the lake, stream, underwater, and in the mud. The small, round-shaped tuber is eaten raw, slightly boiled, grilled, and pickled; and is used as an ingredient to some dishes in Chinese cuisine.

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