7 Vegetables with 12 Letters (Complete List)

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7 Vegetables with 12 LettersAre you here to find vegetables with 12 letters? Look no further. We have compiled all of them on this list, along with a brief description. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Bamboo Shoots

The sprouts or the young bamboo that comes out from the ground are edible, although it requires thorough cooking to get rid of its natural toxins similar to cassava. Usually, it is boiled several times before the actual cooking.  It may be cooked with other vegetables, meat, and spices. It may also be purchased canned or dried.

2. Lady’s fingers

This flowering plant belonging to the mallow family is cultivated for its edible fruit pods, which produce a slimy liquid when cooked. Also commonly known as okra, it goes great with other vegetables in soups, stews, or stir-fried. Though unknown to many, the young, tender shoots of this vegetable are also edible and are cooked like other regular leaf vegetables. 

3. Savoy Cabbage

This cabbage variety is characterized by its dark green leaves which are tender and crispy. Although it has the same taste as regular cabbage, it remains firm after cooking which makes it perfect for certain recipes. It can be used in roulades, stews, and soups, and may also be used as a side dish like kimchi.

4. Spanish Onion

This variety of onions is larger than regular onions. It has a sweet and juicy taste and is milder in flavor. Generally, it is used raw. Slices are mixed in salads and sandwiches and as a garnish. They can also be baked, sautéed, and stir-fried, while some are added to various dishes, like stews, soups, and curries.

5. White Cabbage

A close relative of broccoli and cauliflower, white cabbage has green outer leaves as a result of sun exposure, while the inside leaf layers tend to appear as light, pale-green, sometimes almost completely white. It is prepared the same way as other cabbage cultivars, commonly mixed in soups, stews, and occasionally in salads.

6. Spring Greens

This close relative of wild cabbage is similar to kale in that it doesn’t form a head in its central leaves; instead, it forms a loose one. The loose leaves are well exposed to sunlight making them darker and tougher and more flavorful compared to cabbages. It is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

7. Mangel-wurzel

This root vegetable is also known by its other name, field beet. The yellow-orange or white large roots are mainly used as a livestock feed, though it is edible for human consumption when young and tender. The leaves are also edible and are prepared like spinach. They can be steamed and boiled lightly and served in salads.

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