How to Freeze Onions (3 Quick Steps)

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Yellow onions on a wooden table

Can You Freeze Onions?

Quick Answer: Yes, you can freeze onions. It's pretty straightforward and takes almost no time at all, as you'll see in the steps below.

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Peeled onions in a bowl on a wooden counter

If you have fresh onions from the garden or the farmers market, there may still be dirt on them. Just wash them in running water in the sink.

You'll want to peel the onions next. This entails removing the outermost layers with the papery skins. If you compost, throw them in the compost, or just toss them in the garbage.

Step 2 - Slice or Chop the Onions

Hands dicing onions on a wooden cutting board

Discarding the very ends of the onions, cut them into rings or chop them. You can even mince them if you like. 

They can be large pieces, small pieces—whatever you need for your recipes. This will make cooking with the frozen onions a lot simpler.

Plastic food containers on a wooden surface

If you're using plastic freezer bags, put the chopped onions in the bags and try to get as much air out as you can before you seal them.

For lidded containers, aim to fill them all the way and leave no big gaps for air. If you have little storage space in the freezer, go with the plastic bags.

Then put the onions in the freezer. That's all there is to it!

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