10 Vegetables with 10 Letters (Complete List)

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10 Vegetables with 10 LettersAre you looking for vegetable names with 10 letters? You have found the right article! We have listed all of them here and included a brief description. Read further to learn more.

1. Cos Lettuce

This variety of lettuce has tall heads and dark green leaves, commonly found in salads particularly in Caesar salad. Like other lettuces, it can also be eaten cooked; either blanched, braised, or soup. It was first introduced to Greek Island where it was from “Cos”.

2. Cow Parsnip

Also called Indian celery, this tall, non-woody plant is native to North America. It can reach up to 2 meters in height, with a haired-hollow stem and large leaves. The young stems are edible when peeled. It can be eaten raw and has a similar taste and texture to regular celery.

3. French bean

Otherwise known as common bean, it is widely grown for its edible seeds. Just like other beans, it contains starch, fiber, and protein. It is also a good source of numerous essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to being used as food, the bean leaves are also used as an insect trap.

4. Kidney bean

This variety of the common bean gets its name from its appearance which resembles the shape and color of a human kidney. In Indian cooking, the beans are cooked with meat and chili; in South Central regions of the US, it is mixed with leftover foods and cooked together with meat or sausage, usually eaten with rice.

5. King Edward

This potato variety has been grown since 1902 in the UK, as its name suggests. It is oval in shape, has white skin with a pink coloration, and starchy flesh. It can be cooked in a variety of ways: roasting, baking, or mashed. It was described by an English cook as the “best potato” variety in making a potato-based pasta.

6. Petits pois

This type of peas is grown and harvested while it is still very young, while the seeds are small and tender. Though very small in size, they are packed with nutrients, rich in protein and carbohydrates, and are low in fat. It has a sweeter taste than regular garden peas and is usually served as a side dish.

7. Red Cabbage

This cabbage variety has red or purple leaves, although the color tends to change based on the soil’s pH level. This is the main reason why the same vegetable may have different colors in every region, varying from green, yellow, to red. Like regular cabbage, it is commonly eaten raw in salads and coleslaw; although it may also be consumed cooked.

8. Runner bean

Also known as butter bean, it is usually grown as an ornamental plant although it is also edible. Just like other beans, it needs to be cooked thoroughly to get rid of its toxic content. In British cooking, it is used as a side vegetable, while in a particular region in Spain the beans are cooked together with meat or meat products.

9. Watercress

This aquatic, perennial, flowering-plant belonging to the cabbage family is known to be the oldest edible greens. Like its relative radish, mustard and wasabi, watercress has the same pepper-like pungent taste. It is native to Europe and Asia.

10. Welsh Onion

Considered a type of scallion, it has the same taste and odor as that of a regular onion. It does not, however, grow with a bulb base, instead it has a tube-like stem that looks like leek and chive in its smaller variety. It has several culinary uses, similar to its other relatives, but generally used as a spice and garnish or in salads.

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