6 Vegetables that Start with N

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6 Vegetables that Start with N

Looking for vegetables that start with N? Whether you’re searching for an assignment or doing a crossword puzzle, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of every vegetable we found that starts with the letter “N.”

1. Napa Cabbage

Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is especially prominent in food from East Asia. This is probably because the cabbage grows in China, where it is often seen as a symbol of prosperity.

2. Navy Bean

Navy Bean

Unlike many of the other veggies on this list, navy beans are originally from the Americas. It’s a common ingredient in baked beans and some types of soup. These beans got their name from the fact that the US Navy has served them to soldiers for over 100 years.

3. Neem


If you’re searching for a neem tree, you’ll need to go to India or Iran. In India, the shoots and flowers are treated like vegetables, where they’re served in soups.

4. New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand Spinach

As you might have guessed already from the name, New Zealand spinach can be found in New Zealand. However, you’ll also find it growing in Asia and Australia. You can either eat the leaves just like you would eat normal spinach, or you can grow it decoratively.

5. Nopal


Nopal is the Spanish word for prickly pear. This is the pad of a type of cactus that is frequently served as a side veggie in Mexican cuisine. You may also see some areas in Texas using nopal as an ingredient.

6. Nori


Have you ever seen a roll of sushi? If so, then you’ve seen nori, which is the dark sheet of seaweed wrapped around the roll. Nori is capable of absorbing water from the air, so it needs to be kept with desiccants (those little silica gel packets you find in some foods) in order to stay dry.

Vegetables that Start with N