12 Vegetables that Start with L

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12 Vegetables that Start with L

If you’re in need of a list of vegetable that start with L, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list with every vegetable we found starting with the letter “L.” Keep reading to see what we discovered.

1. Lacinato Kale

Lacinato Kale

Some consider Lacinato kale a culinary darling because of its earthy flavor. Another name for this plant is dinosaur kale because of the bumpy skin on the leaves.

2. Lagos Bologi

Lagos Bologi

If you were searching for lagos bologi, we’d recommend looking in Latin and South America, Africa, or some Asian countries. As a leaf vegetable, it’s packed with vitamins and is popular in Nigerian cuisine.

3. Lakota Squash

Lakota Squash

Lakota squash comes from the United States originally, and was cultivated by the Lakota Native Americans. It’s shaped like a tear drop and has bright orange flesh with vivid green streaks up the sides. 

4. Land Cress

Land Cress

Land cress comes from the southern parts of Europe and some western parts of Asia. In cooking, you’ll see it used as an alternative to watercress because it’s easier to grow land cress.

5. Lebanese Cucumber

Lebanese Cucumber

Don’t like having seeds in your cucumbers? Then you might want to look for the Lebanese cucumber, which is almost completely seedless. They have a mild and pleasant taste. 

6. Leek


Leeks are a pretty popular veggie because of how easy they are to grow. With their oniony taste, they make a great addition in salads and soups.

7. Legumes


“Legumes” is a broad word. This covers pretty much any type of bean. These also aren’t botanically considered vegetables, but in cooking, legumes are almost always treated like vegetables and are used in savory dishes. 

8. Lentil


Lentils are legumes. The lentil plant has pods with a couple seeds in each pod, and they’re a vital part of the culinary world in India. You can even find lentils in grocery stores in the US if you’d like to try them.

Not sure where? Take a look at our guide to where lentils are in the grocery store.

9. Lettuce


Most know lettuce as a leafy salad staple. But you can easily expand its uses to delicious wraps or sandwiches.

If you’d like to try it, check out our filling vegan sandwich recipe. It uses lettuce hearts, and it’s super easy to make!

10. Lemongrass


Lemongrass, also called barbed wire grass, is a plant that hails from tropical islands. Sri Lanka is the country that utilizes lemongrass for culinary purposes, although you can also find it in some Brazilian tea. 

11. Lima Bean

Lima Bean

Lima beans have been grown and consumed by people for literally thousands of years. These large and flat beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber.

12. Lotus Root

Lotus Root

You may have seen the beautiful lotus flower before, but what you might not know is that its roots are often used as veggies in Sri Lankan recipes. The roots can also be used to make tea.

Vegetables that Start with L