Green Vegetables with 7 Letters (Complete List)

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Green Vegetables with 7 Letters

Looking for a list of green vegetables with 7 letters? You’ve come to the right place…

Here’s a complete list…


Found in almost any grocery store, this leafy green can be eaten cooked or in salads.


Mainly found as red cabbage or green cabbage, it has a round head and can be served cooked, in salads or even in slaws.

Snap Pea

Commonly served in Asian dishes, sugar snap peas are flat and have a nice crunch to them.


Green vegetable that tastes a little like spinach. Often eaten by homesteaders.


Root vegetable that looks like a white carrot. Fantastic roasted or in soups.


Typically grown in jars or as microgreens, sprouts refer to any vegetable that has been allowed to go from seed into a small baby plant.

Pak Choi

Also known as Bok Choy, this vegetable is commonly found in Asian dishes.