What Does Dandelion Wine Taste Like?

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Have you ever heard of dandelion wine? In this article, we’re covering the ABCs of dandelion wine, including taste, questions about alcohol content, recipe tips and tricks and more.

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Let’s hop to it…

What Does Dandelion Wine Taste Like? 

Dandelion wine does not taste anything like grape wine. Usually incorporating added sweetener, dandelion wine is sweet, floral and a little bitter in a good way, sort of like green tea. 

If you’re buying dandelion wine, it’s important to check what kind of sweetener is added. Sugar is most typical, but sometimes honey is used, which is not vegan.

Does Dandelion Wine Taste Good? 

Not everyone likes wine, whether it’s dandelion, grape or cherry wine. That being said, if you are a wine lover, dandelion wine is a lovely addition to your collection as the taste is very pleasant.

As you might expect from a wine made of summertime blossoms, dandelion wine tastes fresh and summery. If you like sweet wines, there’s a good chance you’ll like dandelion wine.

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Does Dandelion Wine Have Alcohol? 

Like any other kind of wine, dandelion wine is alcoholic. The alcoholic content can vary from wine to wine, but most dandelion wines tend to be moderate.

It’s a good idea to think of dandelion wine like any other wine or alcoholic beverage, especially if you don’t have access to its exact proof.

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Can You Freeze Dandelions for Wine? 

You can most certainly freeze dandelions for wine. Freezing dandelions for later use is helpful if you haven’t quite harvested enough to use in a recipe or if you have too much to use at once.

If you want to freeze your dandelions but you want to avoid one big hard, frozen lump later on, spread them out individually and freeze them for one hour in batches. Then you can put them together in one container to stick in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

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Dandelion Wine Making Tips 

Preparing dandelions for homemade dandelion wine can take some finesse. If you’re thinking about trying your first batch of dandelion wine, watch the videos below for some helpful tips.

This quick video will show you how to remove the green parts of the dandelion buds for wine-making, which will reduce bitterness. You’ll just need a pair of pliers.

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Here’s a basic recipe for vegan dandelion wine using organic sugar, fresh ginger, orange, lemon and bread yeast. It’s extremely simple and, yes, very tasty!

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Wrap Up

Dandelion wine is a delicious kind of wine that’s totally different from the grape wine we tend to be used to. It’s sweet and flowery with a pleasant touch of bitterness. Making your own dandelion wine at home is easy, and you can add any additional fruits and spices you like to make your very own signature blend.

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