7 Trees that End in R (Complete List)

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Are you looking for trees with names that end in “R”? Look no further! We have compiled a complete list for you, along with a brief description. Read on to learn more.

1. Alder

This genus of flowering plants, otherwise known as Alnus, has about 35 species. They can be found in different parts of Central America, and even southwards to the Andes. Some species of this tree bear catskins which may be edible and are reported to have a high protein content. Its wood is popularly used as fuel in smoking food items.

2. Balsam Fir

Balsam fir is a North American fir scientifically known as Abies balsamea. This evergreen tree is also used extensively in Native American folk medicine. Today, it is mostly grown to be used as Christmas trees. In addition, it is also used as an ornamental tree.

3. Boxelder

Boxelder is a maple tree native to North America. It is called boxelder because its whitish wood is similar to a boxwood’s, while its leaves are comparable to those of the elder. This fast-growing tree’s softwood is a source of wood fiber used in manufacturing fiberboard. Meanwhile, its sap is made in syrups in some Native American communities.

4. Cedar

This coniferous plant is originally from the Himalayas and the Mediterranean region, although many species have been naturalized to grow in the Americas and other regions. They are primarily used for ornamental purposes. In addition, because of its wood and oil’s moth-repellent properties, it is often used as the lining in chests and closets.

5. Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is an evergreen species belonging to the pine family. It was named after David Douglas, the botanist who first discovered the species. Its size varies widely from as small as 20 meters to as big as 100 meters. It is grown mainly for its softwood timber which is used in construction. 

6. Red cedar

Red Cedar goes by many names, including Virginian Juniper, Pencil Cedar, and Red Juniper. This species of juniper is native to various parts of North America. This slow-growing tree has a very durable heartwood which is described to be fragrant and very light. It is often used as fence posts.

7. Red Fir

Along with Silvertip FirRed Fir is the common name for North American fir scientifically called Abies magnifica. It is a large evergreen tree, with heights ranging from 40 to 60 meters, and a trunk diameter of two meters. Its uses include paper manufacture and as a Christmas tree.

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