Best Planters for Banana Trees – Top 8 Spacious Options for your Tree

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Best Planters for Banana Trees

You might be surprised at what you can grow at home. Banana trees are just one example, with tall types that can grow up to 10-15 meters and dwarf types that could grow up to 4 meters high.

But unless you live in a tropical climate or have a large greenhouse, you can’t just put your banana tree in the ground. A planter will allow you to move it indoors to protect it from the cold, or just let you keep it in your house entirely.

So which are the best planters for banana trees? We’ll show you a few in this article.

Best Planters for Banana Trees

Ceramic Planter Box

Ceramic Planter Box Large

One thing you’ll need to look out for in a potential planter for your banana tree is size. Bigger truly is better here, and this Ceramic Planter Box has plenty of volume.

As you look at it, you’ll see lines carved into the outside that give it a faux distressed feel. It’s perfect for those seeking to cultivate an old-fashioned sort of atmosphere in their home.

The drainage hole at the bottom is ideal, as well. This will prevent harmful root rot from killing your banana tree before it has a chance to grow.


  • Large size.
  • Has a drainage hole.
  • Old-fashioned distressed look.
  • Sturdy.
  • Won’t tip over with a top-heavy banana tree.


  • Only available in one color.
  • It could get pretty heavy with a plant and soil in it.

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We’ve suggested these before for growing blueberries because they come in extremely spacious sizes. We think that would be very beneficial again for growing a banana tree.

These Vivosun bags come in a huge array of sizes. They can accommodate a range of plants, including banana trees of different types.

Plus, the fabric material used to make them is excellent for breathability. Your banana tree’s soil will be able to drain easily in these grow bags.

Need to move your banana tree to a different location? That’s no problem, either, because there are handles sewn durably into the sides of these fabric planters.


  • Tons of sizes, including extra-large ones.
  • You’ll get five of these bags in a pack.
  • Tough reinforced handles to help you move the planters.
  • Excellent for drainage.


  • Some customers said these drain so well, you may need to water more often.
  • They’re not as pretty as some other planters, but that just means your banana tree will steal the spotlight in them.

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Neill Ceramic Pot Planter

If you’re a fan of the classic look of ceramic and a wooden stand, then you’ll love the Neill Ceramic Pot Planter. It has a gorgeous solid-color ceramic planter in black or white.

Beneath it, you’ll get a stable wooden stand made from high-quality wood. It would be wonderful for elevating a young banana tree that’s not very tall yet.

And if you want to shorten the height of the plant or you’re worried about it becoming too heavy for a stand, you can always take the stand out from under it.

Your plant’s roots were taken into consideration with this design, too. Any excess water can easily leak out through the drainage hole in the base.


  • Sleek and clear aesthetic available in two colors.
  • Includes a wooden stand.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom, so your soil won’t get too wet.
  • Large size.


  • Does not include a plug or saucer to catch the drainage.

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Estelle Plastic Pot Planter

Fans of tropical looks will enjoy the Estelle Plastic Pot Planter. Its shape and uncomplicated line pattern on the sides would look wonderful with a banana tree inside.

Because it’s made out of plastic resin, it can also resist all kinds of things that would otherwise age your planter. Rot, rust, chipping, weather conditions, and UV rays are all things that this planter can endure.

So if you need a planter that you can move back and forth from in your house to outside as the temperatures allow, this could be the one for you.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Classic appearance.
  • Large size.
  • Drainage hole on the bottom.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • A few customers said the color is slightly darker than in the picture.

Searching for a planter that brings beauty and toughness together? The Sunnydaze Arabella Pot Planter could be a winner.

One of the things we noticed about it right away is the vine pattern on the side. It looks graceful and delicate, perfect for adding that touch of elegance to any garden.

Despite its large size, it’s still pretty light. That means you won’t injure yourself if you ever need to move it to another spot.

The polyresin comprising it is extremely strong. Cold weather won’t crack it, and UV rays won’t damage it.

In addition, the lovely finish on it is hand-painted. This is to mimic the look of metal without the heaviness or the price to match.


  • Strong enough to endure extreme weather conditions.
  • Elegant vine motif on the side.
  • Hand-painted so it resembles metal.
  • Not heavy to lift.
  • Double-walled design that lets you fill the planter’s walls to add weight to it.


  • It does not come with drainage holes, but has places on the bottom marked where you can drill them in.

Like the lightness of a resin planter, but want a more simple design? This Southern Patio Metro Poly-Resin Planter is perfect for you.

It has a dotted design in three colors that mimics the look of rock. Your banana tree will look as if it growing from stone in this planter.

Like most resin planters, it’s built to last. This is no flimsy product that you’ll need to replace soon.


  • Looks like stone.
  • Has a drainage hole pre-drilled into the bottom for you with an optional plug.
  • Three different colors.
  • Has a high level of durability.
  • Lightweight for easy lifting.


  • Some buyers said that the colors varied from the pictures.
Dekland Resin Pot Planter

Here is another planter with a beautiful classic aesthetic that will make your banana tree look positively luxurious.

It may be made from plastic, but the way it’s painted looks like expensive terracotta or ceramic. Floral detailing wraps around the sides to give it some extra visual intrigue without being overwhelming to look at.

Unlike the material it resembles, though, it’s incredibly light. Even at its largest size, it weighs only seven pounds, meaning you won’t need to fight to move it.

In spite of its delicate looks and weight, however, this is one sturdy not-so-little planter. It can resist all types of weather and won’t fade or crack.


  • Sturdy.
  • Light enough to lift comfortably.
  • Three colors to choose from.
  • The coloration mimics terracotta or ceramic convincingly.
  • Has drainage holes on the bottom.


  • No drainage plug or tray to capture any leaking water.

This Fox & Fern Planter is one of the most versatile options on this list. It comes in a few different sizes, and thousands of customers have happily reported using it for a number of plants.

At its larger sizes, it could accommodate a banana tree, as well. Although the smaller sizes could potentially hold a young tree for a period of time.

While most planters are made of plastic or ceramic, this one is handmade from fiberstone. It’s lighter than heavy materials such as ceramic while retaining the durability of those same materials.

You’ll find it in two colors, as well. Both are solid neutral colors, and we think both would look lovely with a banana tree on top.


  • Has a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • Comes in two distinct colors and a few sizes.
  • Includes a drainage plug.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Doesn’t have a saucer to put under the drainage hole – only a plug.

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What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Banana Trees


As you get more into gardening, one thing you might not expect to hear is that there’s definitely such a thing as too much water for your plants.

Banana trees enjoy moist soil, but this doesn’t mean they should be absolutely drenched. Drainage holes at the bottom of your planters can prevent this from occurring.

As you look at prospective planters, check to see if they have holes in them. If they don’t, consider adding holes yourself with a drill.

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If you’re never seen a banana tree in the wild, let us assure you they’re huge. Growing one in a container can be a daunting prospect when you see how big these plants can get, even if you choose one of the dwarf varieties.

So when it comes to planters for your banana tree, size really does matter. Choose a large one, because it will give your tree the room it needs to grow and flourish.


Materials can make all the difference when it comes to day-to-day care for your plant.

Things like terracotta, clay, and ceramic can absorb moisture if they’re not glazed because they’re porous. This means you might have to water more often, but it also means that your plants are less likely to get root rot.

These materials tend to be more expensive than other alternatives. Another drawback to them is that they can weigh more, making them more of a hassle to move.

Plastic, on the other hand is affordable and light, but it doesn’t allow water to evaporate as quickly. As a result, you may need to water less.

Material is certainly worth putting on your planter wish list. Think about these side benefits to each one, and whether they make or break a deal for you.

Wrap Up

Growing a banana tree at home is a great way to bring that touch of the tropics to your space. If you live in a colder climate, these touches can make your home much more bearable.

The planters on this list will undoubtedly help you get going on this journey. However, our personal pick would be the Vivosun Plant Grow Bags.

True, they’re not as good-looking as many other planters, but we think their benefits outweigh this disadvantage. They’re large, excel at allowing plants to breathe, and you’ll get five of them at once.

If you’d like to grow other foods at home, why not take a look at our article on basil planters? 

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