8 Trees that End in E (Complete List)

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Are you here to look for trees with names that end in “E”? You have found the right article! We have listed them all down here, along with a brief description. Read further to learn more.

1. Apple

Apple is probably one of the most ubiquitous fruits in the world. This deciduous tree has about 7,500 cultivars. Although if grown from seeds, it can grow into a large tree, typical apple trees reach up to 4.5 meters in height. Originating from Central Asia, this tree is widely cultivated in many parts of the world.

2. Furze

Furze or gorse is a flowering plant of the family Fabaceae with 20 species of evergreen thorny shrubs. They are native to Western Europe and northwest Africa. Being closely related to brooms, they share the same green stems and small leaves, and can adapt to dry conditions but differ in their thorns. Furze is cultivated for its flowers used in salads, bushes as fuel, and its wood being small is used as cutlery and in gardening tools.

3. Guelder-rose

This tree is commonly grown as an ornamental fruit, with its oppositely arranged leaves that are comparable to those of maples, but the small red berries it bears are also edible, though highly acidic and must be consumed in small quantities, typically in jelly form.

4. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle trailing vines with over 180 species. This small tree is commonly grown for ornamental purposes because of its scent and colors. It bears red, blue, and black berries. It is called honeysuckle due to the edible nectar produced from its tubular flowers. Only a few species produce edible fruits as most of them are reported to be poisonous.

5. Maple

This genus of shrubs and trees in the family Sapindaceae, with about 128 species, can easily be identified through their palmate leaves and winged fruits. Closely related to horse chestnuts, maples are cultivated as an ornamental plant. It is often used in bonsai art. Some species are a source of syrup, while its wood is used in smoking food and in furniture-making.

6. Pedunculate

This large deciduous tree is a species of flowering plant in the oak family Fabaceae, native to Europe and west of the Caucasus. The tree can adapt to many soil and climate types. It can live naturally for centuries. The right pruning techniques can prolong its life. Having durable heartwood makes the tree in demand in the furniture industry.

7. Sessile

This species of oak is a national tree in Ireland. Sessile is considered as one of the most important oak species in Europe, being used traditionally in building ships and furniture. Even today, the fine wood is still used in high-quality furniture, while the rough parts are used in construction, fence, and as fuel.

8. Spindle

It is a genus of flowering plants consisting of 130 species of small evergreen trees, shrubs, and lianas, with grouped flowers that are green, yellow, pink, or maroon depending on species. It has opposite leaves and bears pink or white fruits eaten by birds. Most species have medicinal and ornamental uses. The wood of some species is used in spindles for spinning wools, hence the name.

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