Where to Buy Miso and Find it in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to buy miso

We'll show you exactly which stores to check and tell you which aisles to look in. In case you don't feel like running to the store, we'll also give you a list of our favorite miso. 

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Product Name

Good For

If You're Searching for Organic

If You're Trying to Avoid MSG

If You're Looking for GMO-Free

If You Want Something Shelf-Stable

If You're Looking for Something Vitamin-Rich

If You Want Something Easy to Store

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Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Miso In?

In many big supermarkets, miso of all colors is kept in the produce area with the tofu, tempeh and mock meats. The same is true of red miso, yellow miso and any other type.

If you don't see it there, look for an organic or natural foods aisle. Since miso is typically refrigerated, you should find it in a cooler.

It is possible to find shelf-stable miso in the grocery store. Usually, you'll see these types of miso in the aisle with Asian products. 

Can't find the tempeh section? Check out this post on where to buy tempeh.

Still having trouble finding white miso? Check the stores below. One of these is probably your best bet...

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Miso different kinds

What Stores Sell Miso?

  • Amazon - Sometimes the easiest solution is to get what you've been searching for on Amazon, the site that has pretty much everything (including red miso red miso and white miso). Plus, you can shop around for the best price and buy in bulk to save money.
  • Walmart - You can also buy bulk white miso  or bulk red miso from Walmart either online or in person. Otherwise, there are other options in the stores. Use the store locator on Walmart's website to see availability in different locations.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods has refrigerated Miso Master products. Check the jarred food area of the produce section with items like fermented veggies or wherever the mock meats are kept.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Most independent natural food stores should stock some type of miso, perhaps even locally made.
  • Safeway - Near a Safeway? Look for Cold Mountain Mellow White Miso or Roland Shiro Miso.
  • Kroger - Your Kroger store should have a few different options, like Miso Master and Cold Mountain.
  • Publix - Miso Master and Cold Mountain are also at Publix stores.
  • Asian Markets - For sure, Asian markets will sell some kind of miso (and probably white miso). You might be able to find it a bit cheaper in an Asian market than in supermarkets.

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Great Ways to Use Miso

Make Vegan Miso Soup

You can use any type of miso in vegan miso soup. If you choose to use white miso (versus red miso), you'll have a milder, sweeter soup. It's a perfect light lunch or appetizer.

Tofu is a common ingredient in miso soup and if you want to level up your recipe, consider pressing the tofu before cooking it. If you're looking for a guide on what tofu press to buy, you can check out our picks for best tofu press.

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There are tons of different salad dressings to make with miso, from vegan Caesar dressing to this phenomenal carrot-ginger-miso dressing. The miso adds a rich umami element that you'll definitely notice once you start using it.

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Up Your Vegan Mac and Cheese Game with It

Miso is a secret weapon in vegan mac and cheese. Its depth of flavor takes savory "cheese" sauces to the next level. A mellow white miso is usually recommended, but any type works.

Once you open your miso, you'll need to know how to store it. Take a look at our guide to storing miso paste after it's been opened.

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