How to Store Miso Paste after Opening

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How to Store Miso Paste After Opening

If you’re looking for a flavor boost to a recipe, miso paste is a pretty good pick. Its salty flavor, packed with umami, works in a range of dishes, including soups, noodles, and even dressings.

Sometimes, however, the confusing part isn’t how to cook with something – it’s how to store the leftover ingredients. With miso paste, the storage method isn’t as obvious.

We’ll show you how to store miso paste after opening, as well as how long this miracle seasoning lasts once it’s been stored properly.

How to Store Miso Paste after Opening

Miso paste, like many other things, does best in your fridge. Cover it up so it’s sealed, then add an additional piece of plastic wrap under the lid, so that it’s right over the miso paste. The extra plastic wrap will help prevent the remaining paste from being oxidized.

Over time, it gets a little darker in color. This is does not mean it has gone bad, and it will still be edible. The coloration is due to the maillard reaction, which is the same thing that causes some foods to brown when they’re exposed to heat.

Does Miso Paste Need to be Refrigerated?

Ideally, your miso paste should be refrigerated. By storing it like this, you increase its longevity, giving you more time to use up the leftovers.

How Long Does Miso Paste Last in the Fridge?

Exactly how long does your miso paste last once you’ve stored it in the fridge? The good news is, if you’ve stored it correctly, it has an extremely long shelf life.

In fact, because of its high salt content, your miso won’t ever really go bad. However, keeping it for over one year may result in changes in flavor, so it’s generally best to use it all up within a year.

Can You Freeze Miso Paste?

Yes, you can freeze miso paste, but it’s recommended that you keep the temperature higher than 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping it above that temperature will ensure your miso doesn’t freeze solid, and keeps its flavor intact.

Freezing it in this temperature range is suitable for a few months of storage.

Wrap Up

Cooking with miso can be an invigorating experience. There are so many options, depending on which color of miso you’re using.

Storing it correctly will allow you to enjoy your miso even longer. Rather than having to dispose of it after a few weeks, you’ll be able to use it up to a year.

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