Where to Find Spirulina in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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where to find spirulina

Looking everywhere in the grocery store for spirulina? We’ll tell you which aisles to check…

We’ll also show you which stores generally carry it…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Spirulina In?

To find spirulina in the grocery store, you can start out in the health food aisle. It may be next to powdered greens or uncommon “healthy” ingredients.

The supplement aisle is your next stop. Spirulina packaged in jars and bags would probably be placed on lower shelves with powdered supplements. If it’s in tablet form, it’ll likely be with the bottled supplements.

Sometimes spirulina is offered in bulk bins, so check your grocery store’s bulk section if you didn’t see it in the other aisles. 

If you just haven’t been able to find it, one of the stores listed below sells spirulina…

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Spirulina tablets and powder in wooden bowls.

What Stores Sell Spirulina?

  • GNC – GNC stocks spirulina powder and tablets from different brands. You may also spot a cheaper GNC brand of spirulina.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – Check your local health food store for spirulina tablets and bulk spirulina.
  • Amazon – There are tons of options on Amazon. You can buy spirulina by the pound, which is often more cost-effective, but anything specific that you’re looking for is probably sold here.
  • Walmart – You can get Nutricost spirulina by the pound at Walmart as well as Now Certified Organic Spirulina and Spring Valley Spirulina in capsules. The online store locator will show you exactly what’s available at the Walmart in your area.
  • Whole Foods – Look in the vitamin and supplement aisle of Whole Foods for the store brand of spirulina in powder and tablet forms.
  • Walgreens – Did you know you could pick up spirulina tablets at Walgreens? The same goes for other drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid.
  • Target – Target sells Up&Up capsules in the vitamin and supplement section.
  • Safeway – There are several options at Safeway stores, including Earthrise and Nutrex Hawaii spirulina powders.
  • Trader Joe’s – If Trader Joe’s is your grocery store, you can pick up Trader Joe’s Organic Spirulina tablets.
  • Kroger – Kroger has brands like Now, Nutrex Hawaii and Earthrise.
  • Publix – The common options are also available at Publix supermarkets.

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Great Ways to Use Spirulina

Make a Blue Smoothie Bowl

You can throw spirulina in your smoothies, but why not turn them into smoothie bowls? Use whatever fruits and vegan milks you have on hand and top your bowl with granola, fruit, nuts and anything delicious and nutritious.

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Use It in Truffles

This can’t be said of most supplements: One of the newest ways to use spirulina is in desserts. Whether you try these vegan truffles or add spirulina to a vegan cake, you’ll end up with some of the prettiest treats you’ve ever seen.

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Use It in Vegan Pesto

After you discovered that you could make truffles with spirulina, were you wondering if you could make savory foods with it, too? The answer is yes! Try vegan spirulina pesto on your culinary journey.

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