Where to Buy Tempeh & How to Find in the Grocery Store, Supermarket & Online

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Where to Buy Tempeh & How to Find in the Grocery Store

At the grocery store looking for the tempeh? Here are the aisles you should be checking…

We’ll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry it…

Where to Buy Tempeh

The best place to buy tempeh are places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or the “Natural Foods” section of the larger grocery store chains. Most of the larger retailers in the United States will carry tempeh, but whether it’s available or not depends on the region. Smaller independent health food grocery store are also extremely likely to carry tempeh in the refrigerated or frozen section.

A sliced tempeh log on a wooden cutting board

Where to Find Tempeh Online

Here’s a list of places where you can buy tempeh online…

Amazon / Whole Foods

Since you can order from Whole Foods directly from Amazon now, it’s a great place to get your fill if tempeh. I order from here quite commonly if I can’t make it out to the store.

Click here to check if its available near you…


You can buy tempeh online from Target. You can have it delivered with a larger order or pick it up at the store depending on your location.

Soy Boy

I’ve heard of some people having success placing bulk order through Soy Boy which is usually direct to retailer. I cannot confirm this myself, but I believe if you order a certain amount there is a chance they will deliver to your home. You’ll have to give them a call to find out.

Fresh Direct

You can order tempeh and plenty of other amazing products through Freshdirect. Check out what they have available here.

Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin sells certain brands of tempeh. I was able to find “hempeh” which is tempeh made from hemp on their site, but it wasn’t in stock when I last checked. Follow this link to check availability yourself.

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most grocery stores carry tempeh but only in certain regions

Where is Tempeh in the Grocery Store?

Tempeh will usually be sitting in a cooler next to or near the tofu in the produce section. This is true for regular tempeh, tempeh “bacon” and seasoned tempeh products.

The second place to check is the natural food or vegan/vegetarian aisle. Sometimes grocery stores have vegan foods together in one spot. It’ll be refrigerated.

Depending on where you’re shopping, you could find tempeh with the frozen goods. Look wherever the vegan and vegetarian options are kept.

These spots are pretty much always where the tempeh is. If you’re striking out, ask an employee if the store you’re looking in stocks it.

Otherwise, use our store guide below and you’ll find it in no time…

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What Grocery Stores Sell Tempeh (By Aisle)

  • Whole Foods – Every Whole Foods should sell tempeh (next to the tofu in the produce area). You should find brands like Lightlife, Soy Boy and others. 
  • Amazon – Doing a little online shopping at Amazon? You can add tempeh products like Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon to your shopping cart.
  • Walmart – Your Walmart should have some type of tempeh by the fruits and veggies. Use the website store locator to look up what’s available in your area.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – If the supermarkets don’t seem to have tempeh, your local health food store will. This includes small, independent shops and chain stores.
  • Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s offers its own branded tempeh products, which should be around the tofu and mock meats.
  • Target – Target may have Lightlife Organic Tempeh, but check the store locator for availability near you.
  • Safeway – Safeway should have regular Lightlife tempeh, if not other tempeh brands and products. Check the “vegetarian” case.
  • Kroger – If you’re passing by a Kroger, swing in for Lightlife or Surata tempeh.
  • Publix – Check Publix for different kinds of tempeh, including Tofurkey Smokey Maple Bacon Marinated Strips.
  • Asian Markets – Asian markets typically sell tempeh, whether it’s in the freezer or in a cooler.

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How is Tempeh Packaged?

You’ll usually find tempeh in a thin plastic package such as the one pictured below. The packages are airtight and you can actually feel the texture of the tempeh through the package. To open the package of the tempeh, I usually just slice the back open with a knife.

block of tempeh package from trader joes

You can sometimes find other tempeh products like this “tempeh bacon” which are in pre-sliced smaller packages rather than blocks.

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tempeh bacon package

Tempeh FAQ

What is Tempeh?

It’s basically a block made from fermented soybeans and other grains such as barley or rice. It has a slightly sour flavor, but can take on many other flavor profiles depending on how you cook it. It is commonly enjoyed by people on a plant-based diet as a high protein alternative to meat, tofu and even other meat substitutes.

Can I Eat Tempeh Raw?

Absolutely! It’s safe to eat tempeh raw right out of the package. However, you may find that it doesn’t taste all that amazing. Most people don’t enjoy the taste/texture of raw tempeh so cooking it is recommended.

Does Cooking Tempeh Kill the Probiotics?

Because tempeh is mainly cooked on the outside, the probiotics on inside remain in tact. Just make sure you don’t cook the entire thing to a burnt crisp. This is commonly done while baking it if you leave it in the oven too long.

Is It OK To Eat Tempeh Every day?

Absolutely! In fact, tempeh is a staple food in Indonesia where it is cooked and enjoyed in countless different ways.

Does Tempeh Contain Gluten?

Most tempeh products do not contain gluten, however it is always best to double check the exact product you’re buying. Sometimes you may find gluten containing grains in tempeh such as barely, so just be extra careful and double check the labels.

Great Ways to Use Tempeh

Go for a Stir-Fry

Whether it’s sweet and spicy tempeh or sesame tempeh that you’re making, you’re going to have delicious results. If you’ve watched the video and you’re wondering why you’d need to boil the tempeh, you don’t have to—but it will make it super tender and juicy. It’s a little culinary secret.

Use It in a TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)

The reason there are so many fake bacons with tempeh out there is because tempeh has the perfect texture for it. Pan-fry some marinated tempeh and pile on the juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and vegan mayo for a killer sandwich.

Make Tempeh Adobo

This vegan recipe is inspired by Filipino adobo, a type of marinated dish. With brown rice, tempeh and broccoli, you’ve got all the building blocks of an energy-boosting meal here. Most importantly—it’s super tasty.

Wrap Up

While we’d love tempeh to be more widely available its becoming easier and easier to find as the years go by. I remember when it was only possible to get tempeh at “weird” health food stores so it’s nice to be able to find it in the vegetarian cases of many of the mainstream super markets making it easy for everyone to enjoy as part of a healthy diet for a decent price.