Where to Buy Spring Roll Wrappers and Find them in the Grocery Store

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Where to Buy Spring Roll Wrappers and Find them in the Grocery Store

Looking for spring roll wrappers in the grocery store? Here are the aisles you should be checking...

We'll also tell you which stores generally carry them. If you don't want to go out and buy them, you can order them online by clicking the links in the table below.

Product Name

Good For

If You're Searching for Gluten-Free

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If You're Planning to Make Fresh Garden Rolls

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Spring Roll Wrappers In?

Produce section

Grocery stores frequently keep spring roll wrappers in the produce section. Check the cooler with the tofu, tempeh and mock meats.

Another aisle spring roll wrappers might be in is the international aisle. Look on the shelves with the Asian products.

The last spot to check is the frozen aisle, which might have wheat flour-based spring roll wrappers.

But don't worry if you haven't come across spring roll wrappers yet. One of the stores listed below carries them...

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What Stores Sell Spring Roll Wrappers?

Spring roll wrappers
  • Amazon - Shop Amazon's pantry inventory for brown rice spring roll wrappers, organic spring roll wrappers and more. One of the nicest things about shopping on Amazon is that you can easily compare lots of different brands and prices.
  • Walmart - Walmart sells Three Ladies Brand Rice Paper as well as a few other brands. Check the store locator to see what's available online and in stores.
  • Whole Foods - If you're at Whole Foods, look in the aisle with the Asian products for Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrappers or Panda Brand Bánh Tráng Spring Roll Skin.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Look around for spring roll wrappers in your neighborhood natural food store. They may be in various places, but an employee will be able to tell you where to find them.
  • Safeway - Safeway stocks Blue Dragon and Dynasty wrappers with the Asian products.
  • Kroger - Head to the international and frozen aisles for spring roll wrappers at Kroger.
  • Publix - If you're going by a Publix, stop in for Blue Dragon and Star Anise Foods wrappers.
  • Asian Markets - If you have access to an Asian market, you can get spring roll wrappers there.

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Great Ways to Use Spring Roll Wrappers

Make Fresh Summer Rolls

If you've ever had vegan Vietnamese summer rolls, you know how delicious they are. Fortunately for us, they're super simple to make. No need to go out to a restaurant!

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Make Vegan Spring Rolls

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Prefer the cooked spring rolls? You can make them at home, too. Making good vegan spring rolls is all about the filling. Cabbage, mushrooms and carrots are good veggies to use, and of course, don't forget the dipping sauce.

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Make Fruit Summer Rolls for Dessert

The cool thing about spring roll wrappers is that you can fill them with anything, including fresh fruit for dessert. Try different kinds of fruits and dipping sauces, like chocolate or fresh citrus blended with agave nectar.

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