Where to Find Saffron in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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where to Buy Saffron

Not sure where to find saffron in the grocery store? We'll tell you which aisles to look in...

You'll also find out which stores typically carry it. If you don't have time to run to the store, you can click the links in the table below to order it online.

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What Stores Sell Saffron?

1. Amazon

With Amazon, you can narrow down which brand and type of saffron you want, checking for prices and quality. This is also a great spot to get bulk saffron. 

2. Walmart

You can grab McCormick All Natural Spanish Saffron at Walmart, but other brands may be available as well. Use the website's store locator to see what's stocked in each store.

3. Whole Foods

You've got a few different choices at Whole Foods, including 365 Everyday Value Spanish Saffron and Frontier Co-op Saffron Threads.

4. Your Local Health Food Store 

Health food stores frequently sell saffron. They may or may not offer it in bulk, but sometimes you can ask if they'll special order you bulk saffron and cut you a deal.

5. Safeway 

Safeway sells Badia, Spice Island and McCormick saffron threads. 

6. Trader Joe's 

Shopping at Trader Joe's? Look in the spice aisle for Trader Joe's Spanish Saffron.

7. Kroger 

Your Kroger store should also have some type of saffron, whether it's McCormick or Spice Island.

8. Publix 

Publix supermarkets stock Badia and Vigo for saffron brands. 

9. Ethnic Markets

Indian and Latin markets are good places to check for saffron threads.

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Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Saffron In?

If you're looking for saffron, check the spice aisle first. If you don't see it in the spice rack, check around on the shelves for a container of saffron. It could be placed elsewhere with specialty seasonings.

However, saffron is sometimes kept in the international aisle. Look for bagged saffron—spices in the kinds of containers McCormick uses are typically in the spice aisle. 

It's possible that you could find saffron in the bulk spice aisle, but as it's expensive, don't be surprised if it's not there. Don't worry—you can still get bulk saffron online. 

Not every store will have saffron, but many do. Generally speaking, you can buy saffron at one of the stores below...

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Great Ways to Use Saffron

Make Vegan Paella

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Paella is a traditional saffron dish, but it's not usually vegan is it tends to contain meat and seafood. This paella recipe has no animal products in it whatsoever, and it's fabulous with roasted red peppers, fragrant garlic and floral, aromatic saffron.

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Make Vegan Rasmalai

Rasmalai is an Indian dessert of sweet cheese in a creamy, spiced sauce. This vegan version uses cashews instead of dairy. Truly, this is a luxurious experience. The delicate flavors of saffron, cardamom and rose water just melt on the palate. 

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Use It in Pasta

Saffron is more versatile than many people realize. It can go in your dessert recipes, your dinner and more. Even if all you're making is some pasta with tomato sauce, saffron can make it special.

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