Where to Buy Vegan Shoes – 21+ Different Styles to Choose From

Trying to figure out where to buy vegan shoes? Then you've come to the right place...

where to buy vegan shoes

We've compiled over dozens of different vegan shoe styles below and we'll show you where you can pick up a pair for yourself.

Where to Buy Vegan Shoes

Sifting through websites for vegan shoes can be a bit of a hassle, so we've streamlined the process for you. Here are the ultimate sources for stylish vegan footwear:

Below are our guides for 24 different styles of fabulous vegan shoes and where to buy them.

Types of Vegan Shoes & Styles

1. Vegan Dress Shoes

Source: ASOS

Dress shoes range from office to formal footwear with oxfords, pumps and loafers leading in style. They're perfect for tuxes, cocktail dresses and business suits, but beware: they're often made from non-vegan leather.

However, plenty of designers are meeting the demand for cruelty-free shoes with gorgeous dress shoes in synthetic leather, faux suede, velvet and satiny fabrics. Asos, Zappos, Amazon, Express and Anthropologie are excellent places to begin your search for men's and women's dress shoes from faux patent leather oxfords to vegan satin ballet flats.

2. Vegan Skateboarding Shoes

Source: Zappos

Did you know that tons of classic Vans are vegan, including the iconic gum sole skate shoes? While some skateboarding shoes are traditionally made with suede and leather uppers, many sold on Amazon, Zappos and Asos boast vegan constructions with canvas, mesh, faux suede or faux leather.

Skateboarding shoes should be flexible, grippy and durable to withstand heavy-duty skating and landing tricks. And of course, they should never neglect style. Check out our list of men's, women's and unisex skateboarding shoes to see which of your all-time favorites are vegan, plus some super fresh Vans specially designed for Asos.

3. Vegan Tennis Shoes

Source: Zappos

Tennis shoes can be worn to the tennis courts, around town or on your exercise route. They tend to be thick-soled with bounce and structural support.

Though tennis shoes can be challenging to find without any leather or suede components, we found lots of flashy and functional vegan tennis shoes from New Balance, Saucony, Adidas and beyond—even a throwback from Pony. Stick with Zappos and Amazon for the best variety.

4. Vegan Walking Shoes

Source: Zappos

Like tennis shoes, walking shoes are ideal for your afternoon strolls and long days running around getting your to-do list done, but they're designed specifically for endurance.

Nike, Sketchers and Jambu make high-quality vegan walking shoes you can depend on for your downtown treks. The everyday and fashion walking shoes we've selected from Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Target can suit just about every vegan's needs. 

If it's the look you're after, the vintage-style Nikes third on our list might be your jam. Searching for orthopedic walking shoes? Try the extra supportive knit shoes from Arcopedico.

5. Vegan Athletic Shoes for Women

Source: Payless

Athletic shoes can be worn for various sports and exercise routines. A reliable pair of vegan athletic shoes is a must for the gym.

You may be familiar with Airwalk, but brands like Unstitched Utilities and Olukai are making some fabulous athletic shoes for women you won't want to miss. Have you seen the Vibram FiveFingers running shoes in our top picks? 

Whether you're a runner, a kayaker or an outdoor enthusiast, Amazon, Zappos and Payless have some vegan athletic shoes for you.

6. Vegan Nursing Shoes

Source: Zappos

Nursing shoes don't have to take any particular shape, but sneakers and clogs are popular choices for comfortable, long-lasting wearability. Clogs like Danksos are typical nursing shoes, but Danskos and many other clogs are leather—not vegan

Amazon and Zappos are some of the best sources for vegan nursing clogs and sneakers from brands like Crocs and Sketchers. Best of all, we've gathered nursing shoes that combine comfort and affordability while staying downright stylish.

7. Vegan Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes come in two major types: ballet flats for women or ballet dance shoes. Ballet flats like Topshop's ballerina flats can be styled with jeans, leggings and dresses, but they can get pretty edgy like Asos Design's studded ballet flats. 

From Nordstrom Rack to Target, vegan ballet flats are easy to locate, but that's not the case for ballet dance shoes. Most are made from non-vegan leather, but a faux leather version is available on Amazon via our vegan ballet shoe guide. 

8. Vegan New Balance Shoes

Source: Zappos

For some years now, New Balance shoes have been making a comeback. The Boston-based company produces women's and men's athletic shoes for running, CrossFit training and the gym. 

If you've got to get your hands on a vegan pair (which can be somewhat troublesome to find), we can point you in the right direction with vegan New Balances sneakers from Zappos, Amazon and Shoes.com.

9. Vegan Orthopedic Shoes

Source: Shoes.com

Othopedic shoes help with a number of ailments, like arthritis and ankle issues. Othopedic features vary, but they generally include lots of cushioned support, removable insoles and ample widths to prevent the dreaded squish.

Leather is a very common ingredient in orthopedic footwear, making vegan orthopedic shoes tough to track down unless you know where to look. Fortunately, Amazon, ShoeMall and Shoes.com do cater to vegan clientele as you'll see in our selection of the comfiest vegan othopedic shoes.

10. Vegan Wedding Shoes

Source: Zappos

Elegant, formal and just as important as the dress and tux, wedding shoes come in more than a few styles, but they're all designed to shine on the big day.

If you're the bride-to-be, Zappos and Amazon have plenty of vegan satin and faux leather options from Betsey Johnson and J. Renee in high-heeled sandal and pump varieties. If you're the groom, some vegan leather oxfords or tasseled loafers are picture-perfect on your wedding day.

11. Vegan Baby Shoes

Source: Target

Fortunately, vegan baby shoes are not only adorable, they're available from plenty of well-known retailers like MoonBaby Organics, Toms and Cloud Island at Amazon and Target. Just try not to fall for Cloud Island's faux fur bunny booties.

Vegan baby shoes can be made from faux leather, faux fur, canvas or fabric. What type of shoes your little one needs will depend on factors like age and occasion requirements. Did you know they even make vegan baby dress shoes? 

12. Dansko Vegan Shoes

Source: Zappos

Dansko is famous for its clogs—you may already know about them. But did you know that Dankso shoes are not vegan? Well, at least not at the time of this writing.

But don't worry! Amazon, Zappos and Shoes.com have come to the rescue. We've got casual, dressy and professional clogs from Crocs, Vangelo, Sketchers and Rialto to show you, and they're all vegan. Move over, Dankso!

13. Vegan Basketball Shoes

Source: Zappos

What makes basketball shoes unique is their combination of flexibility, sturdiness and support for high jumps, fast turns and lateral movement. While aesthetics are not insignificant, functionality is key for basketball shoes.

Payless, Shoes.com, Amazon and Zappos offer vegan basketball shoes from Adidas, Converse and Nike. You may be surprised at how many styles from the old and new schools are vegan.

14. Vegan Mary Jane Shoes

Source: ASOS

Mary Janes are truly timeless with closed, usually rounded toes and straps falling approximately across the bridge of the foot. They're typically women's shoes, though once upon a time they were popular for boys and girls.

Leather Mary Janes are common, but vegan leather Mary Janes are far from impossible to find. Brands like T.U.K. even offer exclusively vegan Mary Janes—you might love the kitty Mary Janes on our list.

From chunky heel Mary Janes at Zappos and Forever 21 to vintage-inspired flats from Urban Outfitters and Asos, there's a vegan Mary Jane shoe for you to wear to the office or with an evening dress.

15. Luxury Vegan Shoes

Source: Zappos

You may think that luxury shoes aren't necessarily vegan, but there are plenty of gorgeous vegan shoes from top designers like + Melissa Luxury Shoes and Matt & Nat.

Now, what defines a luxury shoe is not only the price. It should be crafted from high-quality materials, and it will often be cutting-edge in some way, like it's right off the runway after a fashion show. The luxury vegan shoes we discovered for men and women are a mix of modern and classic looks in anything from sneaker to boot form.

Amazon and Zappos are excellent online retailers for luxury vegan shoes, but don't forget Shopbop for the occasional vegan buy, too.

16. Vegan Hemp Shoes

Source: Zappos

Renewable, eco-friendly and vegan, hemp is a wonderful material for cruelty-free shoes. It's breathable, too, so you might want to pick up a pair for the summer and head down to the beach.

The vegan hemp shoes we picked out from Amazon and Zappos come in unisex, women's and men's espadrilles, sneakers, wedges and more. There's even a high-end desert boot from Italian vegan brand Risorse Future.

17. Vegan Cycling Shoes

Source: Zappos

You may need cycling shoes for your spin class or for a cross-country tour. What you definitely need in your vegan cycling shoes is some sort of cleat mechanism on the outsoles for attaching to bike pedals, and of course, sturdy yet breathable uppers.

For vegan cycling shoes, Zappos and Amazon are some of the most dependable places to shop. Some can get a little costly, but there are plenty of modestly priced cycling shoes, especially in the vegan varieties.

18. Vegan Bowling Shoes

Source: Zappos

Bowling shoes tend to be made from leather, but the bowling shoes we came across on Amazon and Zappos use vegan leather and take the bowling shoe style to the next level.

There are some killer traditional bowling shoes on our vegan bowling shoe guide that will make you want to watch The Big Lebowski again, but there are ultra contemporary looks you may not have known existed. We think The Dude would abide.

19. White Vegan Shoes

Source: ASOS

Although most non-athletic white shoes you'll see are leather, there's no shortage of fabulous white vegan shoes in faux leather from Asos, Free People and Matt & Nat.

White vegan shoes can take any form, so we curated a wide selection from Daisy Fuentes cut-out flats for women to men's Vance Co. oxfords that are sharp enough to wear with your best duds.

20. Vegan Golf Shoes

Source: Zappos

Like so many athletic shoes, golf shoes are frequently made of leather, but non-leather and faux leather golf shoes in spiked and spikeless types are out there. For a solid grip on the ground in damp conditions, spiked golf shoes are your best bet, but spikeless shoes can be worn anywhere, which has its advantages.

Adidas, New Balance, Nike and Sketchers are just some of the brands making vegan golf shoes, as you'll discover on our list. The dapper saddle golf shoes from FootJoy are a must-see.

21. Vegan Oxford Shoes

Source: Zappos

Widely considered some of the most formal shoes around (especially for men), oxfords can be identified by their closed lacing. They usually look quite dressy and can feature embellishments like wing tips and cap toes, and women's oxfords may be flat or high-heeled. Most importantly, they're almost always made of leather.

You can still find a good many vegan oxford shoes in faux leather and suede with relative ease at Asos, Zappos, Amazon and even H&M. Scroll through our selection of vegan oxford shoes to wear to work, to your next party or to formal events with business suits, tuxedos or cocktail dresses.

22. Vegan Boat Shoes

Source: Zappos

Boat shoes are easy to spot with their loafer-like appearance and shoelaces woven around the collars. Originally, boat shoes were meant for managing squishy, watery conditions on boat decks, but the boat shoe look has taken off as a fashion statement with casual jeans and khakis.

If you're running into trouble with leather boat shoes coming up in your searches, Zappos and Amazon carry brands that make vegan boat shoes like Deer Stags, Ahimsa and even Crocs. Ahimsa makes a super fly cross between a boat shoe and a chukka boot for men unlike anything you may have seen before.

23. Fair Trade Vegan Shoes

NAE Men's EFE Double Zipper Vegan Dress Sneaker in Black (44 (11 US) (US))

Source: Amazon

Essentially, fair trade shoes are shoes that have garnered appropriate, livable wages for their production. As human welfare is a priority for fair trade policies, fair trade often goes hand-in-hand with other values like worker safety and maternity as well as paternity leave for employees.

It can be beneficial to your search to track fair trade vegan shoes by brand. Beyond Skin, Ahimsa and Will's Vegan Shoes are examples of vegan and fair trade brands you can count on for ethical policies, and luckily, they're easily found on Amazon.

24. Vegan Non Slip Shoes

Source: Target

Nonslip shoes are essential for many occupations, including those in the healthcare and restaurant industries. Target, Payless and Amazon are many vegan shoppers' go-to sources for nonslip shoes as they offer decently priced footwear suitable for work.

Most vegan nonslip shoes are faux leather, which is perfect for many work dress codes. From oxfords to slip-on loafers, we can show you to your new pair of nonslip shoes that are 100% vegan.

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