Waring Blender vs Vitamix – Which Should You Buy?

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Welcome to this Waring Blender vs Vitamix guide.

Keep reading to learn...

  • Whether a Vitamix or Waring Professional is better for your home.
  • Which one I'd recommend for a business.
  • Side by side comparison of the Waring Pro and Vitamix home and commercial models.

Let's begin!

Waring Blender vs Vitamix for Home

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372

If you're going to be using the blender in your home, I'd highly recommend the Vitamix 5200 (or any counter-top Vitamix) over the Waring Xtreme or any other Waring including the Waring Blade.

Two reasons: Warranty and Tamper.

The Waring Xtreme only has a 3 year warranty because it's built for commerical use.

The 5200 comes with a 7-year warranty for home use.

The tamper (which helps push the ingredients to the blades) is only found on the Vitamix.

A very important accessory if you're doing super thick blends.

Waring Blender vs Vitamix For Commercial

Waring Commercial MX1200XTX 3.5 HP Blender with Variable Speed Dial Controls and a 64 oz. BPA Free Copolyester Container, 120V, 5-15 Phase Plug

If you’re going to be using the blender in a restaurant, bar or other commercial application, then I’d recommend the following…

For regular smoothies, sauces or other beverages I would recommend going with the Waring Professional Xtreme MX1200XTX

The reason is because it tends to run a bit cheaper than a commercial Vita-Prep and also has a bit longer of a warranty.

It’s also got a more powerful motor.

However, if you plan on doing blends that are super thick — I recommend going with a cheaper commercial Vitamix with a tamper — like the Vitamix 62827 Prep Food Blender

In my experience, having a tamper to press ingredients into the blades is a time saver — even if the blender is less powerful.

For more blender options, check out our article on the best Vitamix alternative.

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Comparison Chart: Waring vs. Vitamix

(Small screens can scroll left to right to view entire chart)



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Venting Lid: If you're blending anything hot or you want to add ingredients in while blending, the Waring has a removable cap on the lid. If you need a guide the best blender for hot liquids, check our list if you're looking to buy one.

This is extremely important for multi-layered sauces or soups.

A venting lid is the only way to reduce pressure build up which can cause major problems (like blending explosions).

Important Features of a Vitamix

Household Vitamix Blenders

No matter which home-use Vitamix you get, all of them are going to have the following important features...

Tamper: A tamper is used to push ingredients into the blades.  

Personally, a tamper is a must-have for me on a blender. Without one it's nearly impossible to liquefy ingredients without any liquid.


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Vitamix 62827 Prep Food Blender

The Vitamix 62827 Prep Food Blender is the most similar to the home units in terms of function and price range, which is why I used it for this guide.

Click for Today's Price on the Vita-Prep >>

What Do Others Say About the Waring Xtreme?

From my investigation of all the user reports out there, people seem to be very happy with the Waring Xtreme.



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What Do Others Say About Vitamix Blenders?

vitamix problem report data

As you may have gleaned from this article – I would strongly recommend a Vitamix blender such as the 5200 over any Waring unit, if you’re using it in your home.

I would do this because of the long warranty and tamper.

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