Vitamix 6500 Review | Compare vs. 6300 vs. 5200 vs. 750

The Vitamix 6500 is a powerhouse blender: packed with horsepower, neat and sleek in design, short enough to fit under your kitchen cabinet, and featuring three pre-programmed settings, it is willing to take on anything you want it to – and more. Check out our entire Vitamix 6500 review below to learn about all of its features and compare it to some of the other similar tier units in the market.


If you have the budget for it - the Vitamix 6500 is going to be a fantastic investment. We've been huge fans of Vitamix for years and cannot recommend their blenders enough. At the end of the day, though - here's our number one tip for investing in the right blender in this scenario because we feel the low profile container is the major selling point of the 6500:

If you need a low profile container, be sure to check for the best prices on the 6500 and these Vitamix blenders:

If you don't require a low profile container then you'll want to price compare with the 5200:

Finally, if you don't think you have the budget for a new Vitamix - consider one of these certified refurbished units which are backed by 5 year warranties if they are at a lower price at the time of purchasing:

At the end of the day, we think investing in a high-quality brand like a Vitamix is the best choice given the longevity and reliability of their machines and warranty.

If the Vitamix isn't going to suit your budget, we highly recommend you check out our Vitamix Alternatives article or perhaps consider a Nutribullet.

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Key Features of the 6500

Reviewed Blender: Vitamix 6500

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating:  4.8

Vitamix 6500 Improved 6300 More Powerful, Fits Under Cabinet Model, Featuring 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, Black

Build Quality




Ease of Use



4 / 5




  • BPA-Free
  • Reputable Vitamix Warranty
  • Powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic controls
  • Super Reliable
  • Low-profile 65-ounce container fits under cabinets
  • Pulse function
  • Powerful enough to clean via blending


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Fixed blades can also interfere with cleaning if not cleaned quickly and things dry up. This is somewhat mitigated with the wide design
  • Can be considered noisy
  • Bulky and heavy

One of the most important features of the 6500, and indeed all Vitamix products, is the warranty. Unlike most other blenders, which typically only have warranties of 12 months, the 6500 comes with a seven-year warranty from authorized dealers, based on their website, that can be extended up to ten years. This is testament to the reliability of the product: you know that your purchase will be with you for up to a decade.

Another feature of the 6500 that is unique to certain Vitamix models is the built-in cooling fan, which prevents the motor from overheating if it is used heavily for a short period of time. This is something that can be problematic in other blenders, where over-stressing the machine can lead to failure and frustrating wait times. Luckily, this is not an issue for the 6500.

Variable speed control is also an important function of the 6500. Unlike many other models of blender, which simply have an on or off function, the 6500 allows you to customize the exact speed you would like the blender to work at, as well as flick it into a high-power mode if required.

A final feature that sets the 6500 apart from its non-Vitamix counterparts is the tamper, a plastic construction that fits into the lid and allows you to tamp down the contents of your container while they are blending, helping to prevent blockages and air gaps. While other items can be used as tampers in other machines, Vitamix’s is just short enough to prevent it from ever getting caught on the rotating blades. This can be useful for certain recipes such as tapenades as you can keep the solid ingredients running through the blade without grinding them into a completely smooth texture.

The 6500 has three other features that distinguish it from other blenders in the Vitamix line: its stronger motor, shorter container, and pre-programmed settings.

The motor in the 6500 is stronger than in its predecessors, at 2.2 peak horsepower. While that may not seem like a great improvement over the 2 peak horsepower of previous models, it represents a 10% increase in power. Certain retailers seem to have reported the wrong horsepower on their listings, but we've confirmed above on the Vitamix website that it is indeed a 2.2 HP motor

The low-profile container is just as large as in other models, at 64 ounces, but is flatter and wider to allow it to fit under cabinets and take up less room in a kitchen space. In addition, this flattened base means that food products are less likely to become stuck underneath the blades – a problem with earlier models.

Finally, the 6500 represents a step towards pre-programmed settings. It has three: green smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. Simply filling the container and pressing a button are enough, now – no need to hover over a steaming blender of soup trying to determine when it’s done. For a quick and delicious banana ice cream, check out this recipe.

Build Quality and Design

Like all Vitamix products, the 6500 has a high build quality; one of the reasons that the brand has such an avid following is because of its high standards when it comes to construction and design.

It is constructed of sturdy plastics, including shatter-proof non-BPA plastic in the container, and has couplings made of metal to ensure durability. The blades are laser-cut stainless steel, and the container handle is designed for comfort. There is a great deal of care and attention put into the design of the 6500 to ensure that it is top of the range, so to speak.

This durability is apparent in the warranty, which lasts from 7-10 years if you extend it at the manufacturer level. Durability is such an important component of household appliances – when something just works, for years and years, you don’t have to worry about replacing it and finding a new product. You don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of dinner, or having to shell out more money at a bad time. Instead, you get the peace of mind of knowing you own something that will last you up to a decade.

The 6500 is heavier than most other blenders – it is 12 pounds – but is shorter than many other Vitamix models, making it easy to fit under cabinets in your kitchen and so save space. It was designed as a remodel of the existing 6300, with improved design and changes to the shape of the container. As such, people tend to appreciate the appearance of the 6500 and are less inclined to keep it out of sight, as can be the case with other blenders.

Power & Noise

The 6500 has a more powerful motor than its predecessors, and represents a shift from the C-Series of blenders to the more powerful and sleek G-Series. Its 2.2 peak horsepower makes it a formidable enemy of hard objects, and it is capable of whipping up a smoothie in seconds.

Although this is marketed as a blender for home use, its motor is every bit as strong as the professional blenders that Vitamix produces, and substantially more strong than the typical blender that can be found on the market. As a result, it has a much easier time doing anything that you might want it to do – the Vitamix website specifically mentions its aptitude at creating nut butters – than competing products.

It should be noted, however, that these benefits come with some drawbacks. While the motor has been upgraded in this model to the stronger G-Series motor, the casing has not, and as a result this machine is one of the loudest in the Vitamix fleet. Later models will have improved casing to prevent this, but the 6500 is not one of them; so, if sound is something that you are particularly sensitive to or you plan to use this machine in the early mornings, it might be something to consider.

Is It Easy to Use?

The 6500 is very easy to use; like the 5200, it features a switch to turn it on, a variable speed control dial, and a switch that pushes it into high-speed mode.

Unlike the 5200, however, it also includes three pre-programmed settings: smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. This makes an already easy job even easier; simply put your container on top, press a button, and walk away.


Because the Vitamix 6500 is not dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is potentially more difficult than it could be.

Thankfully, the wide container base means that food items are unlikely to become stuck beneath the fixed blades, so the approved method of cleaning is to fill the container with warm, soapy water and run it on high for 30 seconds. This should be done immediately after use to prevent food from drying to the sides.


The 6500 is very reliable. As mentioned above it has a special cooling fan, which means it is protected from overheating and will not die when in use – even heavy use. This makes it ideal for large batches or meal preparation, as you can prepare food for a number of people or components of a meal all at once, instead of having to wait for your blender to co-operate.

It should be noted that in the manual, Vitamix states that the speeds on this model should be varied over time; keeping it running at a consistent speed for a long amount of time will do damage to the motor, reducing its reliability.

Is It Budget Friendly?

The 6500 tends to be slightly higher-priced than similar models within the Vitamix group, because it represents an upgraded version of the 6300 in both power and design and, as such, is a more effective blender. However, it should be noted that it is still usually one of the more affordable options of the Vitamix market depending on current pricing.

Despite this, on the whole the 6500 is usually in the upper price range for blenders. Considering its reliability, power, and functionality, however, it may be worthwhile for you to invest in such a product.

However, prices change all the time so we recommend checking current pricing at the time of reading this.​ You can check the current price on Amazon by clicking below.

How Does it Compare?

Vitamix 6500 vs. 6300


Vitamix 6300: Featuring 3 Pre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, and Pulse Function . Includes Savor Recipes Book , DVD and Spatula. (WHITE)

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Vitamix 6500 vs Vitamix 6300: The Vitamix 6500 is the “upgraded” version of the 6300: it features an increased 2.2-peak horsepower motor, sleeker design, shortened container, and more color options, and increased price. Most of these elements put the 6500 at a tier above the 6300, as they represent solutions to common complaints posed by Vitamix users.

The 6500 is recommended for anyone seeking to take a step upwards in terms of design and ease-of-use elements from the 6300, without being willing to splurge on the top-of-the-range 750. The 6300, on the other hand, is ideal for someone for whom these design and usage elements are not so important.

Vitamix 6500 vs. 750


Vitamix 750 Copper Heritage G-Series Blender with 64-Ounce Container + Introduction to High Performance Blending Recipe Cookbook + Getting Started DVD + QuickStart Guide + Low-Profile Tamper

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The 750 is the “gold standard” of Vitamix’s G-Series range, of which the 750 is the entry model. As a result, they share many of the same features, including a 2.2-peak horsepower motor, low-profile container, and interface style. However, the 750 comes with two additional pre-programmed settings – puree and clean – and better color options may be available depending on when you get the unit and the retailer you get it from.

Both of these machines are highly effective and durable, so the main difference between them comes down to intent. The Vitamix 750 is ideal for someone looking for a specific color (such as copper featured here) that will fit in perfectly with their design style, and who would prefer the blender to clean itself with the automatic function (all Vitamix's can clean themselves); the 6500 is better for people who find these higher-tier attributes unimportant.

Vitamix 6500 vs. 5200


Vitamix 5200 Blender, Black

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The 5200 is Vitamix’s C-series flagship, and it’s a no-frills family model that works hard. Unlike the 6500 it comes with no pre-programmed settings and no pulse function, a weaker 2-peak horsepower motor, a taller container, and reduced color options. Also unlike the 6500, it is a usually mid-range price option depending on the market. Keep in mind that the motor should be all you need for 99.9% of most blending jobs.

The 5200 is probably more ideal for families than the 6500; it’s simple, reliable, and affordable, and doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that the 6500 has. With that said, if you’re looking for a more powerful machine with better design elements, it may be worthwhile to look into the 6500.

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