What’s the Best Blender for Grinding Spices?

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best blender for grinding spices

Looking for the best blender for grinding spices? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 7 blenders that you can grind spices with without breaking the bank.

Let’s check it out.

Why Are These Blenders Great for Grinding Spices?

  • Powerful blades that can grind even the toughest spices, preventing you from having to try to grind them by hand
  • Ability to grind even very small seeds and spices so that you can easily create custom spice blends without worrying about spice size
  • Easy to clean so that there are no spices left behind that will change the flavor of any future meals you make or spice blends that you create
  • Fast operation so the blender isn’t running for long periods, which can cause it to burn out or start to smell like it’s burning
  • Quiet operation so that the sound doesn’t disturb others while you are grinding spices
  • Blades that are specifically designed to lift and aerate the spices so that they don’t clump together underneath the blades, causing you to have to reach in and move them around for even grinding
  • Light enough to be able to move easily in the kitchen, but heavy enough that the action of grinding doesn’t cause the blender to move on the counter

If you’re looking for blenders that can handle Indian cuisine and grind up Indian spices, you can read our list for the best blender for Indian cooking.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
L’EQUIP Personal Blender B+
Bella Personal Rocket Blender A
Vitamix 7500 A+
Cosori Heavy Duty Blender A
Vitamix A3500 Ascent A+

Best Blender for Grinding Spices Options

L’EQUIP Personal Blender

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Not only is this blender incredibly safe to use thanks to the locking blades, but the motor is powerful enough to easily power through any spices that you want to grind. While there is a larger jar that is ideal for making smoothies and taking them with you on the go, the included, smaller, eight-ounce grinder jar is perfect to grind your spices quickly and easily.

You don’t have to worry about only grinding a small amount and whether or not the spices will move around in the jar, as the small size keeps them contained and near the blades.

The specially designed grinding blades are made in a way to keep the spices from flying around in the jar, keeping them near the blades to be easily and quickly ground.

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  • Much quieter than traditional blenders
  • Easy to switch between the two sets of blades
  • Grinding blades are very easy to clean and don’t keep food underneath them

  • Some users have difficulty grinding very small amounts of spices
  • There are some reports of a burning smell when the blender is in operation

BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender, Perfect for Smoothies, Shakes & Healthy Drinks, Easy Grinding, Chopping & Food Prep, 285 Watt Power Base, 12 Piece Blending Set, Stainless Steel

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Not only is this powerful blender strong enough to blend frozen fruit, but when you swap out the blending blades for the grinding blades, you can easily grind even the toughest spices without any problems.

Thanks to the two-size containers that come with the blender, you can easily grind either a lot of spices all at once or only a few. This allows you complete control over the amount that you grind at a time.

Additionally, this blender is very small and only weighs three and a half pounds, making it incredibly easy for almost anyone to be able to use and move in their kitchen.

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  • The grinding blades are designed specifically to make grinding spices and other foods, such as nuts, as fast and easily as possible
  • The notches in the cup are a safety feature so that no other container can be used with the blender
  • The motor is strong enough for daily use grinding spices
  • Able to grind very small spices without a problem

Vitamix, Red 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container

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Unlike some other blenders that do a great job grinding, you don’t have to swap out the blades on your Vitamix 7500 when you want to grind your spices.

This blender is powerful enough to easily grind your spices to a fine powder.

Because you can use the pulse feature to grind your spices as much or as little as you want, you have complete control over how fine or chunky your spices are. 

This means that you can adjust your spices and recipe to meet your needs. Thanks to the incredible seven-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about any problems with your blender. 

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COSORI Blender 1500W for Shakes Professional Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker With Variable Speeds, with 800W Auto-Blend Base for Ice Fruits & Nutrients Extraction, 2 x 24oz cups, 1 x 12oz cup

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This heavy-duty blender is ideal for not only blending regular foods but also grinding your spices for cooking. The variable speed control is very easy to use and allows you complete control over grinding your spices so that you can end up with the perfect mouthful. Rely on the pulse feature if you only want to break up your spices so that they will release their oils and aroma, but don’t want to grind them completely to a fine powder.


  • One-year warranty
  • The jar is so large that it can be tricky to grind smaller amounts of spices
  • At 13-pounds some users who have experienced problems lifting and moving the blender
  • There are reports of the blender overheating when used for extended periods

Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender

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Ninja with Spice & Grinder Attachment

Rather than having to buy a blender as well as a spice grinder, when you opt for this blender from SharkNinja you can buy an appliance that will do it all. Thanks to the powerful and easy-to-use spice grinder attachment, you will be able to grind through any tiny seeds and tough spices.

To learn more about your blender options, check out our Nutribullet vs Ninja comparison.

The smaller size of these attachments ensures that the spices you are grinding aren’t bouncing all around the container, which can cause them to miss the blades and remain whole. If you want more options our guide to the best Ninja blender will help you find other blenders from this brand that you might like.

You’re sure to love the power that this blender has and how quickly it can help you grind spices for your meal.

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Fochea Smoothie Blender

Designed to be able to handle more than just blending food, this blender is made with a powerful motor that can easily grind your spices, nuts, and coffee and power through the ice.

The grinding blade is very durable so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are accidentally going to damage it when grinding very hard spices, and because it is made of stainless steel, you can easily wash it without fear of rust.

Once you are done grinding your spices, you can put everything in the dishwasher for fast cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about spices being stuck beneath the blade and changing the flavor of spices you grind in the future.

With a 700 watt motor, you will be able to power through any spices that you want without having to worry about the blender not being able to run long enough to grind them to a fine powder. If you want to see more blenders like this, you can read our guide on the best blender food processor combo.

  • The security lock ensures safety when you are using this blender
  • The blades are specifically designed to grind spices quickly and easily
  • While small enough to store easily, this blender is surprisingly powerful