Nutribullet vs Ninja (Comparison From Someone Who Owns Both)

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In this guide, I'm going to dive deep into a comparison of Nutribullet vs Ninja. These are two of the most common personal blenders on the market today and many people wonder which one they should get. As someone who owns multiple models of each brand, I'm going to break it down in a way that's easy to understand and help you make your final decision.

nutri ninja vs nutribullet

Expect to find...

  • What's different in the Nutribullet and Ninja Line (pros and cons)
  • My personal reviews and experience for each of the blender brands.
  • The final verdict for what I think the best products in each line are.

Let's begin.

Comparison Chart

Here's a comparison chart and which models we feel are best between Nutribullet and Ninja. Overall, I like the Nutribullet Pro 900 the best because it's affordable, lightweight and just super simple. I've had mine for over 4 years and it's still going! The others are great for different reasons which I've laid out below...

Out of all the models that are available for both brands, the Nutribullet Pro 900 and the Ninja Mega Kitchen system are the ones that I recommend.

Go for the Nutribullet Pro 900 if you want something that's in the lower price range and only need to blend for 1-2 people at once.

Go for the Ninja Mega Kitchen system if you need something bigger and more versatile.

More on The Models



Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Overview

In this section, I'll give you the pros and cons of the Nutri Bullet vs Ninja overall product line from my experience.

Nutribullet Blenders


  • All of the Nutribullet blenders are light (with the exception of the Nutribullet Rx which is quite bulky).
  • The blade configuration on the Nutribullet makes it extremely easy to form a vortex and pulverize ingredients to where you can no longer see them.
  • Lots of convenient cups included and always easy to clean.
  • All the models starting at the Nutribullet Pro 900 are very affordable (excludes the Rx which is a bit more pricey).


  • Rubber ring around the Nutribullet blades can sometimes fall off. Can be a pain to get it back on.
  • Aside from the Nutribullet Rx, there are no pre-programmed settings so the blender has to be monitored during the entire cycle. I personally don't think this is a big deal, but some do.

Ninja Blenders


  • The top of the line Ninja models come with multiple container options, including a food processor in the case of the Mega Kitchen System.
  • Almost every Ninja model comes with easy to clean and use to-go cups with lids.
  • The multi-tiered blades on the bigger Ninja jars are very good at certain tasks like completely crushing ice (see videos below).
  • Some models come with continent functions like timers and pre-programmed settings.


  • The top of the line models get a bit pricey. At that point, it may be worth getting a Vitamix if your budget allows.
  • The personal blender blades have given me some issues when it comes to forming a vortex (see videos below). But this likely wouldn't be an issue

Ninja and Bullet Blending Demonstration Videos

On my YouTube channel, I've put several of the Nutribullet and Ninja models head to head for all sorts of criteria: thick smoothies, ice crush testing and even making nut butter.

Here was the results of my testing (along with videos)...

Making Thick Smoothies with Ninja and Bullet

I put the Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja side by side to see which one was better at making a thick smoothie.

For this test, I used frozen strawberries and very little liquid in the form of soy milk. For whatever reason, I had a much time getting the thing to blend with the Nutribullet Pro 900.

Keep in mind, that this was an "extreme" test. For a normal smoothie, I'd usually add a lot more liquid and both blenders probably would have come out equally.

Making Almond Butter

In this video, I attempted to make almond butter in the Nutribullet Pro 900 and the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ (1000 watts). 

What I found was that the Nutribullet had a far easier time creating a vortex and grinding the almonds into a paste (although I wouldn't recommend doing it without oil or water to help it mix - it causes the blender to get hot which isn't advised.)

The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ kept pushing the nuts back up to the side which prevented them from coming into the spinning blades and getting ground into nut butter.

Keep in mind that these almonds were roasted in the oven, but no oil was added to the mixture.

Had I added oil, both blenders probably would have completed the task with ease. The purpose of this test was to push both blenders to their limits.

Crushing Ice

In this test, I did an ice crush test in the Nutribullet. Overall, it did a good job, but again, it's not what this blender should be used for.

It's perfectly acceptable to crush ice WITH liquid, but I just wanted to show that it's powerful enough to process the raw materials.

A few cubes were still left in tact, but certainly that is to be expected because so much snow was packed into a small area.

Interestingly, the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ did a much better job at this task. For whatever reason, the blades on the Ninja were better at pulling the ice in and not allowing the snow to get too tightly packed.

Finally, I wanted to give this ice crush test a try with a Ninja Professional blender. I was blown away!

However, the problem I have found with these blades is that they sometimes don't fully pulverize certain ingredients like greens like a traditional blender that creates a vortex does.

That's why I like having the Ninja Professionals that have the option with for personal-sized cups and blades.

What About the Magic Bullet Nutribullet model?

While I'm certainly a big fan of all the Nutribullet models (especially the 900), I wouldn't recommend getting a Magic Bullet over any of the Ninjas.

Yes, the Magic Bullet is cheap but it's just not nearly as versatile and as powerful as anything else in the Nutribullet or Ninja line.

I say this for the following reasons...

  • The Magic Bullet isn't great at crushing ice and making thick frozen smoothies.
  • The higher-watt models of Nutribullets and Nutri Ninjas are far better at completely pulverizing ingredients to make a "smooth" rather than "chunky" smoothie.
  • The middle of the road Nutribullets and Ninjas aren't that much more expensive than the Magic Bullet to justify not getting them.

Wrap Up

In summary, you really cannot go wrong with any of these blenders. 

Certainly, they aren't as much of a long term investment as a high-end unit like a Vitamix or Blendtec, but they can get the job done without breaking the bank.

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