What Does Canada Dry Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re going to cover Canada Dry Ginger Ale.What does it taste like?Which is better, Canada Dry or Schweppes?We’ll answer these questions and more.

canada dry ginger ale with lime on a table


The name Canada Dry is a famous one in the world of ginger ale.Of the many different ginger ale brands that you can buy, Canada Dry is one of the strongest.

Even so, the ginger flavor is toned down in comparison to ginger tea with no trace of spice.It’s sweet, but not as sweet as Sprite or 7-Up, which can taste a little like sugar water.Canada Dry is more balanced.

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Ginger Ale Texture 

Ginger ales are carbonated, so they’re full of lots of tiny bubbles.Just be careful not to shake the bottle before you open it or you’ll end up with an overflowing mess of fizz.

Canada Dry is a particularly bubbly ginger ale—some people feel that it’s fizzier than other brands.It’s one of the elements of Canada Dry that its fans love.

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Is Schweppes or Canada Dry Better? 

What Brand of Ginger Ale Is Made with Real Ginger? 


Ginger Ale Recipe Tips 

This a classic homemade ginger ale recipe.You just need fresh ginger, sugar, carbonated water and lemon.

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Though this video shows you how to make ginger ale with a home carbonator, you don’t need one if you substitute sparkling water.What’s great about this recipe is that it uses apple juice instead of sugar to sweeten it.

Grab these ingredients (in addition to your carbonated water):