What Does Cider Taste Like?

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What Does Cider Taste Like

There’s nothing like a warm mug of apple cider with a stick of cinnamon to comfort you during long, cold winter months. But what if you’ve never had the pleasure of drinking cider before?

Just because you haven’t tried it yet doesn’t mean you can’t learn what to expect when it comes to flavor. In this post, we’ll describe to you what cider tastes like, as well as answer some additional questions about alcoholic ciders.

What Does Cider Taste Like?

Let’s start by defining what cider is, because there are two definitions. The first is an unfermented drink made from crushed fruit. Second, cider can be an alcoholic beverage that’s made from fermented and crushed fruit.

Whether you’re drinking the alcoholic or non-alcoholic version of cider, it’s probably made with apples. Because most ciders are made with apples, they can range the gamut from sugary in flavor to tart and sour. It all comes down to the type of apple being used, as well as whether sweeteners are added.

A surprising number of hard ciders aren’t vegan, however, due to the addition of gelatin and honey in many of them. The mulled apple cider that children and adults alike can enjoy, on the other hand, is generally vegan-friendly.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to find vegan hard ciders. They do exist, but you’ll want to check the ingredients before buying, just in case. 

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Are Ciders Healthier than Beer?

Assuming you have vegan cider or beer to choose between, you might be wondering which one is better for you. We’ll take a quick look at the nutrition of both these adult drinks.

There are actually health benefits to both beverages in moderation. Ciders have polyphenols in them that can aid in digestion, they’re gluten-free, and they have vitamin C in them.

But if you’re trying to cut down on your sugar, beer is the clear victor. Hard ciders tend to take on a lot of sugar while they’re being fermented.

Calorically, though, cider and beer are generally equal. So if you’re concerned about watching your calories, you could really go for either one.

Is Cider More Like Beer or Wine?

It’s common to wonder how you classify hard cider. Many ask if it’s more like beer or wine.

Interestingly, the way cider is made much more resembles the creation of wine than it does beer. Cider is made by mixing yeast and apple juice, then allowing the mixture to ferment. This process varies from company to company, though, and sometimes cider can be made more like beer and other times it can be made more like wine.

However, in terms of taxes, cider tends be lumped in with wine. That’s because it comes from fruit juice, much like how wine is made from fruit.

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Why Does Apple Cider Taste Like Alcohol?

Have you observed an alcoholic taste in your apple cider? It might be because it was left out.

When you leave apple cider out, it will start to ferment naturally due to the yeast in it. And that’s exactly what hard cider generally is: fermented apple cider.

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Wrap Up

There you have it – information on what cider tastes like, as well as how it holds up when compared to wine or beer. You can also, of course, find child-friendly mulled cider versions for the whole family.

Cider is far from the only drink out there to try. If you want to learn more about types of alcohol you may have never heard of, try reading our post about what awamori tastes like.