What Does Cajun Seasoning Taste Like?

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What Does Cajun Seasoning Taste Like

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What Does Cajun Taste Like? 

The spice blend known as Cajun seasoning is great for summer recipes.It’s smoky, garlicky and peppery in a way that will remind you of barbecue and grilling (sprinkle it on some tofu and you’ll see what we mean).

Some Cajun seasoning blends are spicier than others, but they all have a bite.The flavor is powerful, and the more you use, the hotter your food will be.

For a better tasting or more flavor-dense marinated tofu, consider pressing the tofu first before throwing it in the recipe. We’ve listed best tofu press as well in case you’re new to pressing tofu and want to buy one.

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What’s Cajun Seasoning? 




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