9 Bushes that End with H (Complete List)

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Have you been looking for bushes with names that end with “H”? You have found the right article. We listed all of them here and included a brief description. Read further to learn more.

1. Ash

Fraxinus or ash is a genus of flowering plants in the family Oleaceae, containing 45 to 65 species of medium to large deciduous and evergreen trees. The genus is spread throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Most have opposite compound leaves, although others have simple ones. It produces seeds also known as keys which are a type of samara fruit. Having hardwood, it is of great use in construction and furniture-making.

2. Birch

Birch is a genus of small-medium shrubs and small trees, native to northern temperate and boreal climates. They are composed of alternate simple leaves, bearing a small samara fruit. Most species are cultivated for ornamental purposes although due to their hardness some species are also used in wood carving.

3. Brittlebush

Brittlebush is the common name of Encelia farinosa. It is a desert shrub native to northern Mexico and southern United States. They can grow up to 150 cm tall, with fragrant leaves and yellow-orange flowers. Brittlebush has various uses. It is used in the manufacture of products like glue, incense, gum, and toothbrush. It is also used in traditional medicine.

4. California Fever Bush

Garrya fremontii or California fever bush is a species of flowering shrubs belonging to the family Garryaceae. It is native to Washington and California where it usually grows on forests and slopes. The species may reach up to 4 meters tall with green oblong-shaped leaves and sometimes hairy undersides and yellow flowers. The plant produces rounded green to pink and purple berries which are consumed as food by birds.

5. Indian Paintbrush

Indian paintbrush is a genus of annual and perennial herbaceous plants which are native to the Americas, Northern Asia, and Northwestern Russia. The genus belongs to the family Orobanchaceae and is composed of 200 species. The plant’s flowers are used by Native Americans as condiments and other plant parts are also used in traditional medicine.

6. Mahogany Birch

Mahogany birch is the common name of Betula lenta, a birch species native to eastern parts of North America. This medium-sized deciduous tree provides heavy woods which are used in furniture-making. The tree is tapped similar to maple, although its sap has a stronger flavor. It is used in making beverages such as beer. 

7. Shadbush

This genus is composed of 20 species native to Northern Hemisphere. The deciduous plant may be shrubs or small trees. Some are multi-stemmed. They grow 0.2 to 20 meters tall. In addition to being an ornamental plant, they are also known for their edible berries similar to blueberry which can be eaten raw or cooked into various desserts.

8. Stag bush

Viburnum prunifolium or stag bush is a deciduous shrub or a small tree native to eastern parts of North America. The plant reaches up to 9 meters tall and has a short crooked trunk and widespread branches. It bears dark blue or black fruit which is eaten and made into jams in Native American communities. The tree has traditional medicinal uses in addition to being a beautiful ornamental plant.

9. Swamp Ash

Swamp ash is the alternative name for several trees in the Fraxinus genus which grow on swamps, wetlands, and other waterways. The trees’ woods are generally appreciated in the construction of musical instruments due to their low density. Unfortunately, it was reported in 2020 that there is a shortage in Swamp Ash due to climate change.

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