5 Bushes that End with C (Complete List)

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Are you looking for bushes with names that end with “C”? Look no further! You have found the right article. You will find all of them listed here along with a brief description. Read on to learn more!

1. Garlic

Garlic or Allium sativum is a species in the onion genus which is native to Central Asia and northeastern Iran. This perennial flowering plant grows from a bulb base and forms into erect stems that reach up to 1 meter tall. As one of the most important spices in the world, garlic is widely cultivated. Besides its culinary importance, it is also used in traditional medicine.

2. Golden Garlic

Allium moly, more commonly known as golden garlic, is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae native to the Mediterranean. This herbaceous perennial plant forms a bulb-based leaf. Its stems come in greyish green color and reach the length of 30 cm. It produces star-shaped dark yellow flowers. In addition to being cultivated as an ornamental plant, it also has culinary and medicinal uses.

3. Lilac

Lilac or Syringa is a genus of 12 species of plants belonging to the family Oleaceae. They are native to the woodlands of southeastern Europe and eastern Asia, although these woody flowering plants are widely cultivated throughout temperate areas in many parts of the world. This small tree grows between 2-10 meters tall with simple leaves arranged oppositely. It has purple, white, and yellow flowers during the spring.

4. Summer Lilac

Buddleja davidii or more commonly known as summer lilac is a flowering plant originally from China and Japan. This shrub may grow up to 5 meters tall with light brown bark and produces hermaphrodite flowers. Aside from being a popular ornamental plant, the flowers are a good source of nectar to butterfly species, hence its other name, butterfly-bush.

5. Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is the common name of Allium ursinum. It is a bulbous perennial flowering plant belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae originally from the wet woodlands of Europe and Asia. This perennial herb grows from seeds with swollen leaf base that reaches up to 25 cm long. The edible leaf is prepared like vegetables, usually boiled, and also used as an herb in salads.

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