Best Blender for Making Salsa Options (#1 Is Not What You’d Expect)

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Looking for the best blender for salsa?

You're in the right place.

In this guide, expect to learn...

  • My top picks for blenders to make salsa with (budget-friendly and high-end.)
  • Which features are important for salsa making.
  • The pros and cons of each blender.

Let's begin!

Check out the top picks on the summary table below or keep reading for the entire guide:

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  1. [amazon fields=”B012T634SM” value=”link” title=”The Magic Bullet”]
    • Although it’s a weaker blender, it’s design is perfect for salsa.
  • [amazon fields=”B00LFVV8CM” value=”link” title=”Vitamix Professional Series 750″]
    • This is a powerhouse with a gentle touch.
  • [amazon fields=”B01KA7VZA6″ value=”link” title=”Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo”]
    • Designed to double-function as a food processor, the wide container and chopping-style blades are perfect for mastering salsa.
  • [amazon fields=”B007TIE0GQ” value=”link” title=”Nutribullet 600″]
    • It’s a bit more powerful than the magic bullet making it more versatile for smoothies and other things you might want to bland.
  • [amazon fields=”B0758JHZM3″ value=”link” title=”Vitamix E310 Explorian”]
    • The Explorian is a great smaller alternative to a typical Vitamix that’s got all the same functionality.

What to Consider for Salsa-Making

Here are all of the blender features that I feel are important for salsa making.

However, it is not critical that your blender has all of them. 

They can also be mutually exclusive, but understanding them goes a long way to figuring out your final decision.

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control is a critical element for getting salsa to be the texture you want it. If your blender just goes on one high speed, it's going to turn the ingredients into mush.

Brands like Vitamix have some form of variable speed control, usually in the form of a knob or dial. 

You generally want to keep things on the lowest setting if you want to keep your soft ingredients chunky.


Technically speaking, most blenders can pulse. It's simply a matter of turning it on and turning it off.

However, a dedicated pulse feature makes the process easier.

The purpose of pulsing is to do quick blade rotations with pauses in between rather than running the blades continuously.

This prevents a vortex from forming which would liquefy your tomatoes and onions.

A tatmper being used in the salsa making process.

It's a great feature to have for salsa because blending on low often times isn't powerful enough to bring the ingredients at the top down towards the blades.

For example, If you have a bunch of chopped tomatoes at the bottom, it helps to use the tamper to push the bigger pieces down from the top.

This results in a more uniform salsa rather than having chunks of all different sizes.

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Weaker Motors

If you can't afford one of the blenders with variable speeds, a blender with a weaker motor can actually make salsa-making easier!

You're less likely to over-process and mixture and create a tomato soup if the blender is weak. That's why I included products like the Magic Bullet on this list.

It's not deal for heavy duty blending, but perfect for salsa making.

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[amazon fields=”B012T634SM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Magic Bullet is pretty much designed for making salsa and chunky dips. The small cup that it comes with is the perfect size to make a dip for one or two people.  

This became my first pick because it is accessible to almost anyone who is looking to make salsa. With it's small size and low price range, it's a much smaller commitment than some of the bigger blenders.

  • Accessories: It comes with tons of accessories which make it really versatile. Lids, different sized cups, and rims all make it a solid "on-the-go" blender.
  • Easy to Store: The small size means you can make your salsa, slap a lid on it and put it right in the fridge.

What's Lacking

  • Long Warranty: Compared to the higher-tier blenders, the the Magic Bullet has a really short warranty - only a year long.
  • Lacks Power: Don't expect to make silky smooth blends like you would in a Vitamix or even a Nutribullet.

If you're looking for blenders that can handle Indian cuisine, take a look at our list for the best blender for Indian cooking.

[amazon fields=”B012T634SM” value=”button” tracking_id=”thrivecuisine-20″]

[amazon fields=”B00LFVV8CM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Some might consider this blender to be overkill for making just salsa, and they would be right. You absolutely do not need a powerful Vitamix to make decent salsa in a blender. However, it was worth including on this list because it can make salsa in addition to doing almost any other blending task you can imagine.

How do you make salsa in this thing without making a soup? Simple!

Use the pulse function on the lowest speed along with the tamper. Unless you turn up the power, the ingredients will remain chunky yet chopped.

This unit is especially great if you're entertaining large crowds.

You could also consider a less flashy model from Vitamix, read more about it here in my Vitamix 5300 review.

or the Vitamix 780 if you want a touchscreen interface.

For more options, you may check out our article on the best Vitamix alternative.


[amazon fields=”B00LFVV8CM” value=”button” tracking_id=”thrivecuisine-20″]

[amazon fields=”B01KA7VZA6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you look at our best Ninja blender list, you'll also find some great options for larger batches. You might also want to our guide on best blender food processor combo options if you wanna check some better alternatives.

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[amazon fields=”B01KA7VZA6″ value=”button” tracking_id=”thrivecuisine-20″]

[amazon fields=”B007TIE0GQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]


[amazon fields=”B007TIE0GQ” value=”button” tracking_id=”thrivecuisine-20″]

[amazon fields=”B0758JHZM3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B0758JHZM3″ value=”button” tracking_id=”thrivecuisine-20″]

There are plenty of different blenders that are capable of making salsa.

For something quick and easy, [amazon fields=”B012T634SM” value=”link” title=”The Magic Bullet”]  or [amazon fields=”B01KA7VZA6″ value=”link” title=”Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo”] are great picks.

Just remember the speed control, tampers, and ability to pulse makes it a whole lot easier to make salsa and everything else.