Best Blender for Banana Ice Cream Options (With Test Photos)

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best blender for banana ice cream

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You'll learn...

  • The best blenders to make banana ice cream and why I picked them.
  • Two different ways to make banana ice cream.
  • Important tips for making it (no matter what blender you have).

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Why I Picked These Blenders

Banana ice cream is technically a frozen dessert consisting of 100% bananas and nothing else. The idea is to freeze the bananas and then pulverize them into a smooth mixture.

The starch from the banana creates a creamy texture that's surprisingly similar to ice cream. Add a few dairy-free chocolate chips with some coconut flakes and you've got a delicious treat.

However, you can make banana ice cream with a splash of non-dairy milk to give it a little bit of a thinner texture.

I've made it both ways

so you can see the difference below...

Here's a photo of my latest batch of banana ice cream using a splash of soy milk. I made it in my Nutribullet 900!

This batch actually has some cacao nibs and powder which is why it's got a darker tint.

banana ice cream nutribullet

A "softer" version of banana ice cream made in my Nutribullet. It has a splash of soy milk and some cacao powder and nibs. It's still the perfect texture to eat with a spoon.

Compare this to a batch that I made in my Vitamix using the tamper without soy milk.

banana ice cream smoothie bowl

This batch was made with my Vitamix and is quite a bit thicker than the Nutribullet version. Oddly enough, I happen to like the Nutribullet version better.

As you can see, using 100% bananas makes it quite a bit thicker. However, the flavors can be quite overpowering.

In my opinion, banana ice cream doesn't always have to be 100% banana. I actually prefer adding a splash of soy milk and vanilla extract for extra flavor and to help things blend easier if I'm not using my Vitamix.

It still comes out super thick and creamy -- perfect for eating with a spoon.

What is a Tamper and Why It's Ideal

using a tamper to make banana ice cream

Using the tamper makes sure that the bananas make it to the blades rather than getting caught around them.

If you're making banana ice cream with 100% bananas, then you're dealing with all solids. A tamper will ensure that it pulverizes smoothly and consistently so you're not mixing and re-blending chunks.

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If you have sharp blades, you're basically going to "chop" the bananas. This isn't what you want.

You want the combination of dull blades and a powerful motor to "smash" the bananas to give them that texture of soft serve. 

Additionally, sharp blades will dull over time anyway. If the motor on the blender wasn't powerful enough to work with sharp blades, when they dull it's going to be an issue.

Important Tips

If you're having issues making banana ice cream, there are two things you can do to make the process go easier:

  • Be sure to slice the bananas into coins before freezing, this will make them easier to handle by the blender.
  • Allow them to defrost slightly before blending so they aren't rock solid. You won't have to do that with any of these blenders, it's a good thing to know.
bananas sliced up into coins

Here are my coin shaped bananas straight out of the freezer. I cut them up and then keep them in a Ziploc. As you can see they get a bit discolored, but it's fine!

Best Blenders for Banana Ice Cream Reviewed

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black

Not only will the Vitamix 750 make banana ice cream, but it will pretty much make everything else you throw at it. They really are worth the hype.

  • High Power: Not only is it well designed, but the 750 has a lot of power behind it (2,2-peak hp). It's going to make quick work of any food you can think of. Frozen bananas are almost too easy for it.
  • Tamper: Using the tamper to push your bananas into the blades will ensure that your ice cream smooth and thoroughly blended.
  • Low Profile Container: Even though the container (64 oz), it's made to be lower than the original versions of the Vitamix which had a bit of trouble fitting under kitchen cabinets.
  • Variable Speeds: If you're making a smoothie and want to throw in some cacao nibs, you may not want them to get liquefied. Variable speeds mean that you can do a soft chop and dice as well as completely pulverize ingredients.
  • Make Hot Soup: The friction of the blades and the venting container mean that you can make hot soup within the machine. No need to puree and move to the stove. I use this function all the time for warm vegan cheese sauces and fondues.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 7 year Vitamix warranty that can't be beat. I can personally vouch for the professionalism of their service as I've had mine undergo a few minor repairs. They didn't even make me pay for shipping.
  • Pre-Programmed Settings: Unlike the older Vitamix models, you can make a smoothie and walk away with the pre-programmed settings. If you know the recipe, there's no need to baby sit blends. If you go into a professional smoothie shop, you'll often see them using these settings on their blenders.


Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Container, Black

What I Love

  • All Function No Frills:  It has the variable speeds, tamper, great blades hot soup What else could you possible ask for in a blender?
  • Alternative Option for Less: This make it a more budget-friendly blending powerhouse . 
  • Warranty:

There's not much else to say about the 5200, because most of it's been covered in the 750 section.

See Also: Vitamix 5300 Review (Compare vs 5200)

  • Tall Container: 

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System with Hardcover Recipe Book Included (900 Watts)


  • Short Warranty: 
  • Not "Perfect" Banana Ice Cream: Requires much more fuss than a super powerful blender with a tamper.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar (75oz volume/32 oz Wet/Dry Fillable), Professional-Grade Power, 6 Pre-programmed Cycles, 10-speeds, Black


What I Love

  • Extremely Powerful:  Anything with even a little liquid will get sucked into the vortex and blended into a silky smooth heavenly concoction.
  • Great Warranty:  My brother has utilized his warranty several times and customer support has been great.
  • Lots of Functionality:
    • Variable Speeds: 
    • Dishwasher Safe Jar:  Blendtec jar is Just use warm soapy water and blend when you're done using it.


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black

There's not much to say about this blender, other than that it's a mini version of the Vitamix 5200.

It's got...

  • Tons of power (2-HP)
  • Tamper for keeping the ingredients in the blades
  • Variable speed controls
  • Dishwasher-safe container (unlike other Vitamix containers)

If this Vitamix meets your budget - I'd highly recommend it.



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