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Vitamix 780 Review | Compare vs. 6300, 750, & Blendtec

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A classic Vitamix with a modern twist: the 780 comes with all the specs of the best Vitamix models, but with a new and attractive touch interface that makes it look a whole lot newer. If you’re attracted to sleek and clean designs that look like they belong in top kitchens, but also want something that’s going to perform, this is a blender for you.

Reviewed Blender: Vitamix 780

Overall Thrive Cuisine Rating:  4.6

Vitamix 780 Blender, Black

Build Quality






Ease of Blending





  • 2.2-peak horsepower
  • Attractive design
  • 64-oz low-profile container
  • 10-speed touch slider
  • Five pre-programmed settings
  • Inbuilt cleaning cycle
  • Inbuilt cooling system
  • Tamper
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Excellent build quality


  • No noise-reducing technology
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Key Features

One of the features that separates the 780 from other Vitamix models is the built-in cooling fan, which prevents the motor from overheating if it is used heavily for a short period of time. This is something that can be problematic in other blenders, where over-stressing the machine can lead to failure and frustrating wait times. Luckily, this is not an issue for the 780.

The interface is also an important component of this model. Unlike almost all other Vitamix models, the 780 comes with a push-button interface. Unlike the dials and switches of every other model, this one’s settings can be accessed instead with the push of a button. It’s a much more modern, and arguably more attractive, design. It’s also easier to clean than other Vitamix models; just a single wipe and the entire interface is clean. If you’re attracted to modernity in your kitchen appliances, aesthetically this may be worth it for you.

The motor in the 780 is stronger than others in the Vitamix range, at 2.2 peak horsepower. While that may not seem like a great improvement over the 2-peak horsepower of previous models, it represents a 10% increase in power. It’s strong enough to go through virtually anything – while it may not have the highest horsepower of blenders on the market, it’s strong enough to handle anything you may want to throw into it - even this amazing chocolate almond butter. This is partly thanks to the Vitamix tamper which makes it super simple to push ingredients into the blades.

vitamix 780 peanut butter

Addicted to peanut butter? It's easy to make your own with the 780.

The container is a classic size, at 64 ounces, but it’s low-profile; flatter and wider to allow it to fit under cabinets and take up less room in a kitchen space. In addition, this flattened base means that food products are less likely to become stuck underneath the blades, so it’s easier to clean than models with higher containers.

The 780 comes with five pre-programmed settings: smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees, and cleaning. These make it even easier to use the model than it would already be, as it means that pushing a button allows the blender to do the work for you. Useful if you’re often making the items on that list, or you can’t be bothered cleaning the container manually in the sink.

Finally, one of the most important features of the 780, and indeed all Vitamix products, is the warranty. Unlike most other blenders, which typically only have warranties of 12 months, this model comes with a seven-year warranty that can be extended up to ten years according to the manufacturer's website. This is testament to the reliability of the product: you know that your purchase will be with you for up to a decade. Make sure you're getting yours from an authorized retailer.

Design and build quality

Vitamix is known for their build quality, so you can be sure that the 780 is reliable and sturdy. The brand is known for creating products that last, and any issues that may arise are more often than not covered by the company’s warranty – so there’s less to worry about there.

The 780’s container is shatter-proof plastic, although it is not dishwasher-safe. The container-to-base coupling is metal, as are the laser-cut stainless steel blades, while the container handle is ergonomically-designed for comfort.

It comes with Vitamix’s standard beautiful design, with clean lines and a minimalist interface. The container is low-profile, which means that it avoids some of the bulkiness problems of other blenders – it’s smaller, and tidier, and can fit under your kitchen cabinet while retaining the same size of container. Plus, it’s attractive enough that you’ll want to keep it there.

Power and noise

The 780 has the maximum strength that can be found in Vitamix’s home blenders, at 2.2-peak horsepower, and it is a truly powerful machine. It can take down nuts, seeds, and ice, so it’s strong enough to do anything you could want a blender to do. Although other blenders on the market have higher horsepower motors, at some stage increased power has little effect on blending ability – Vitamix blenders are known as the most powerful on the market, and perform excellently every time. If you're into making your own vegan pesto, this machine is strong enough to turn those pine nuts into a smooth paste - you don't need to compromise texture here.

vitamix 780 pesto

Love pesto? Sick of having to scour the supermarket for one without cheese? Making your own is super easy - especially with a machine as powerful as the 780.

Because it’s so powerful, the 780 is somewhat noisy, and it doesn’t have any sound-reducing technology to minimize the effect of motor noise. However, given how effective this machine is, it’s probably an acceptable compromise – if you want something significantly quieter, you’ll have to also accept lower horsepower.

Ease of use

The 780 is incredibly easy to use, like most of the models in the Vitamix range. Unlike almost all of the company’s other models, it features a flat push-button interface that means just the push of a button is enough to start the machine, rather than turning dials and flicking switches. There’s a ten-speed slider, so you can drag your finger to change the blade speed.

The 780 also comes with five pre-programmed settings: smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees, and cleaning. These make the machine even easier to use, especially if you’re creating the same things every day. If you take the time every morning to make a smoothie, having the power to push a button and let the blender automatically take control while you clean up is very liberating. You don’t need to hover over the blender, making sure it’s the right consistency every time. The same goes if you’re often making sauces or soups – having pre-programmed settings is a major time-saving benefit.


The 780 is very easy to clean. Although not dishwasher-safe, it comes with an inbuilt cleaning cycle to make it especially easy to clean. You just fill up the container with detergent and water and push a button, and the machine will engage in a cleaning cycle designed to get every part of the container spotless.

Because the interface is a flat, push-button format, it’s also much easier to clean up spills than other Vitamix models, with their bulky switches and dials that can get food trapped in the cracks. A simple wipe and this machine is clean – no need to scrub it.


The 780, like most other Vitamix models, is known for its great reliability. Because of the 780’s inbuilt cooling fan, it is designed to be more reliable than other models on the market – there’s little chance of it giving out when you’re using it heavily and need it most. The model’s high horsepower also means that there’s little chance of taxing the engine to the point of failure, even when engaging in highly stressing blending tasks.

​How Does it Compare?

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 shares almost all of the same specs as the 780. They have the same 2.2-peak horsepower, the same low-profile container and variable speed setting, the same five pre-programmed settings, and each comes with an improved cooling system and a seven-year warranty. They’re both excellent blenders with powerful motors and both are fantastically easy to use.

Where they differ is mainly aesthetics: the 750 has the classic Vitamix design of dials and switches, while the 780 is a touch-screen design with push buttons and a touch slider. The 750 can also be purchased in silver as well as the standard black, and it comes with a noise-reducing case that’s said to reduce the sound of the motor by 40%.

So if you like the classic Vitamix look, go for the 750 – that noise-reduction will definitely be an advantage – and if you don’t, the 780 is an excellent pick.

The Vitamix 6300 is similar in many ways to the 780; like the 750, it is a higher-end Vitamix model and so it comes with a bunch of similar settings. Both have 2.2-peak horsepower, low-profile containers, variable speed control, pre-programmed settings, and seven-year warranties.

They have different focuses when it comes to design. The 780 has that modern flat interface, while the 6300 has the classic Vitamix look. However, the 6300 comes in four colors that we could find (color availability may vary**) so if you’re looking for a more interesting shade for your blender then it’s a go. It also has the 40% sound-reducing case of later Vitamix models, to keep motor noise to a minimum. If noise and color are important considerations for you, this might make the 6300 a better purchase.

The 780, on the other hand, has two more pre-programmed settings, including puree and clean. If you find cleaning your blender to be burdensome, it might be a good idea to pick a blender that will do it for you. Those are the only real differences between these models – what’s important for you will have to do with who you are and what you prioritize.

The Blendtec Designer Series Blender is one of Blendtec’s top-selling models. It’s different to the 780 in a number of ways, but both are high-performing blenders that can take on the worst you can throw at them.

When it comes to straight specifications, this unit has more raw power than the Vitamix, but as always doesn't include a tamper. This means that it uses power and strength to mix everything rather than having an extra tool to push things into the blades. You can run into some issues when using extremely sticky, dry ingredients with the lack of tamper, but a bit of extra effort between blending cycles plus the raw power of this unit tends to be enough to power through it.

It has a long reliable warranty, just like the Vitamix does, and also  has a touch control slider which gives you a ton of control over what you're making.

If you can find this unit at a price that makes sense for you, it is a great option for someone that wants a high-end blender that's capable of doing almost anything you throw at it.

You may also want to consider the Blendtec ​625 and Blendtec 575.

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