Where to Find Xylitol in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

Trying to figure out where to find xylitol in the grocery store? Here are the aisles you should be checking...

Xylitol sweetener in a glass jar in front of two birch tree logs.

We'll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry it...

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Xylitol In?

Most often, grocery stores keep xylitol in the baking aisle. It will either be with the sugars or in an organic section of the aisle.

The next place to look is the natural food aisle. If there's a baking ingredient section, that's probably where it will be.

The last place to check is the supplement area. But if you're not seeing it anywhere, try one of the stores below...

What Stores Sell Xylitol?

  • Amazon - If you don't have time to search locally, Amazon is super convenient. You'll see many different brands of xylitol so you can compare and find the best prices.
  • Walmart - Look in the baking aisle of Walmart's grocery area for Health Garden or Sweet Natural Trading xylitol powders. Use the store locator on the company website to find out what's available in each store as well as online.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - Large and small health food stores tend to carry xylitol and other types of alternative sweeteners.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods definitely has xylitol. Check the baking aisle for the Xyla and Now brands.
  • Safeway - At Safeway, you can pick up Xyla, Now and XyloSweet. Look in the baking and supplement aisles.
  • Kroger - Kroger has Xyla and Now xylitol products.
  • Publix - If there's a Publix on your route, stop in for a variety of xylitol brands.
  • Wegmans - Wegmans carries Xyla in the baking aisle.
  • Vons - Vons is another supermarket you'll find xylitol at in the baking section.

Great Ways to Use Xylitol

Make Your Own Mouthwash

People often incorporate xylitol into their oral health routines. A DIY mouthwash can be much gentler than the harsh store-bought types. A bonus is that you can control exactly what goes into it if you're looking for a more natural product.

Sweeten Your Drinks with It

Trying to cut table sugar out of your morning coffee? Xylitol can help you out. Add it to coffee, tea, nut milks and any beverage that needs a little extra sweetness.

Use It in Desserts

Did you know you can bake with xylitol? Or unbake for raw desserts. When you're replacing sugar with xylitol in a recipe, you can swap using a one-to-one ratio.

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