Where Is Flaxseed in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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Whole brown flaxseeds with the word flax and a heart in the middle.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Flaxseed In?

The baking aisle is your first stop for flaxseed. It could be by the alternative, gluten-free or organic flours.

If your grocery store has a health food or organic aisle, look there next. It's often placed with baking ingredients or next to cereal and breakfast foods.

Bulk bins may also have flaxseed. You can scoop as much as you need and, hopefully, save some money by buying in bulk.

You may even find flaxseed in the supplements aisle. It will probably be in a bag sitting with items like superfood powder blends. 

Less often, flaxseed is stocked in the refrigerated area. This usually applies to flax meal, or ground flaxseed, and it's more likely to be refrigerated in natural food stores.

Lastly, check the spice aisle if you haven't spotted flaxseed anywhere else. It's sometimes sold in spice jars just like cinnamon and oregano.

If you're still not finding it, we'll tell you exactly which stores to look in below...


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