Where to Buy Tamarind Paste & Find it in the Grocery Store

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Where to Buy Tamarind Paste & Find it in the Grocery Store

Searching for tamarind paste at the grocery store? We’ll tell you which aisles you can find it in…

We’ll also show you which stores typically carry it. First, however, click any of the links below to see where you can purchase tamarind paste online. 

Product Name Good For
Pure Organic Tamarind Paste If You’re Looking for Organic
Tamicon Tamarind Paste If You Need Budget-Friendly
GloryBee Organic Tamarind Paste If You’re Searching for Kosher

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Tamarind Paste In?

Usually, tamarind paste is in the international aisles of major grocery stores. It might be placed on the shelves with Latin, Thai, or Indian food products.

It’s worth checking the produce area for tamarind pods, too. These are a little different as you’ll need to prepare the fruit into the paste, but it’ll be nice and fresh.

The freezer aisle is another place to look for tamarind paste. Sometimes it’s with the frozen fruits and veggies.

Last but not least, check the spice aisle. It is probably less commonplace to find tamarind, but some stores keep it there.

If you’re having difficulty finding tamarind, one of the stores below will have what you’re looking for…

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tamarind paste

What Stores Sell Tamarind Paste?

  • Amazon – Head over to Amazon for easy online shopping and deals on bulk finds. You’ll have plenty of options, including Tamicon Tamarind Concentrate and imported tamarind pastes. 
  • Walmart – Look for Swad Tamarind Concentrate or Aunt Patty’s Organic Tamarind Paste in the condiment or spice aisle of Walmart. Use the online store locator to check product availability.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods sells Tamicon, Aunt Patty’s, and Neera’s Tamarind Paste.
  • Safeway – You should be able to pick up either Goya (frozen) or Tamicon at a Safeway supermarket.
  • Kroger – Kroger stores may carry fresh tamarind pods and tamarind paste. Availability probably varies from store to store.
  • Albertson’s – If you’re passing by an Albertson’s, you can grab Goya Fruta Tamarind Pulp in the frozen section.
  • Wegmans – Wegmans has Laxmi Tamarind in the international food aisle.
  • Publix – You may be able to get tamarind fresh, frozen, or in paste form at Publix stores.
  • Ethnic Markets – Definitely check ethnic markets for tamarind products of all varieties. This includes Indian and Latin markets.
  • Asian Markets – Asian markets are also great places to stop for tamarind paste and other products.

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Great Ways to Use Tamarind Paste

Make Vegan Pad Thai

Tamarind is one of the most important ingredients in making pad Thai taste like pad Thai. It’s a strong (but delicious) flavor, so if you haven’t worked with tamarind before, add it to your recipe in small increments and taste as you go.

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Make Mocktails

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This is just one of the many kinds of mocktails and beverages you can make with tamarind paste. Another idea is to make natural sodas with tamarind, sweetener, and sparkling water. You can even add it to smoothies. Whatever drinks you make with it, you’ll find that it’s ultra-refreshing.

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Use It in Salad Dressing

Here’s a super simple tamarind vinaigrette to make on the fly for your salad greens. It’s the perfect tangy partner for maple syrup and balsamic vinegar. Experiment with different dressing ingredients, too. You just want that tangy-sweet-savory balance.

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