Where to Buy Sesame Seeds (and Which Grocery Store Aisle They’re in)

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Where to Buy Sesame Seeds

Trying to figure out where the sesame seeds are in the grocery store? Here are the aisles you should be looking in…

Product Name Good For
HQOPress Organic Sesame Seeds If You’re Looking for Certified Organic
Anthony’s Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds If You Want Bulk
Happy Belly Sesame Seeds If You Need Something Easy to Store on Your Spice Rack
Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds If You’re Planning to Make Tahini

Black and white sesame seeds in glass bowls

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Sesame Seeds In?

When you need sesame seeds, head to the spice aisle of your grocery store first. You should find them in a typical spice jar with all the usual herbs and spices on the racks.

You might also find sesame seeds in the international aisle with Latin or Japanese products. Check by the sushi ingredients.

Lastly, if your store has a bulk section, look for sesame seeds there. This goes for a bulk spice section, too.

If you’re having trouble finding sesame seeds, we found several stores that have what you need. Check them out below…

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What Stores Sell Sesame Seeds?

1. Amazon 

For a convenient shopping, check out Amazon for bulk sesame seeds (which can be cheaper) and tons of different brands.

You can find sesame seeds by the pound at Walmart

2. Walmart You can find sesame seeds by the pound at Walmart from Roland, Food to Live, and other brands. Or you can pick up a bottle of McCormick Sesame Seed.

3. Your Local Health Food Store Definitely stops in at a natural food store. The chances are good that you’ll find bulk sesame seeds, or at least the packaged kind.

4. Whole Foods Here’s another good spot for bulk sesame seeds. Look in the bins by the nuts and other seeds.

5. Safeway Check the spice aisle at Safeway for sesame seeds from McCormick, Spice Islands, and Morton & Bassett.

6. Trader Joe’s You should be able to pick up a Trader Joe’s brand bottle of sesame seeds at any Trader Joe’s.

7. Target Target offers a variety of brands, including Simply Balanced, Badia, and Sushi Chef.

8. Kroger If you’re near a Kroger, stop in for McCormick or Simple Truth Organic sesame seeds.

9. Publix Any Publix store will have at least one sesame seed brand, if not more.

10. Ethnic Markets All Ethnic markets often carry sesame seeds, including Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

asian super market

11. Asian Markets If there’s an Asian market near you, you can probably find sesame seeds there, too.

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Sesame seeds make delicious, creamy vegan milk. They’re some of the easiest (and most affordable) ingredients for plant milk, and you can use white, brown, or black sesame seeds.

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Do you consider yourself an adventurer in the world of vegan ice cream? Try black sesame seed ice cream with cashews, coconut oil, and vegan milk. It’s an impressive dessert to serve by itself on a hot day or top of a slice of vegan apple pie.

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A bowl of sesame noodles needs a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top, but you can transfer this concept to any meal. Top your meal with sesame seeds for texture and flavor, whether you’re eating stir-fry, salad, or soup.

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