Where Are Grits in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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Looking everywhere in the grocery store for grits? We'll show you exactly which aisles you'll find them in...

A close-up of dry grits in a wooden spoon.

We'll also tell you which stores typically carry them...

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Grits In?

Start your search for grits in the breakfast aisle. Mostly likely, you'll find them on the shelves with oatmeal and pancake mixes, either dry (like cornmeal) or prepared in tubes (like polenta).

You can also check the gluten-free aisles. Just make sure you're not getting grits that are pre-mixed with non-vegan ingredients.

Still not sure where to find grits? Check our store guide below...

What Stores Sell Grits?

  • Amazon - You have many different options on Amazon. Search for quick-cooking grits, specific brands you might prefer and good prices. In general, Amazon is a great place to shop for items you're having a hard time finding locally.
  • Walmart - Check the cereal aisle of Walmart for Quaker, Bob's Red Mill and other brands. The store locator on Walmart's website will give you product availability information for each store. 
  • Whole Foods - Near a Whole Foods? Head to the breakfast section for Bob's Red Mill or San Gennaro grits.
  • Safeway - Safeway offers Quaker and Bob's Red Mill in the breakfast aisle with the hot cereals.
  • Trader Joe's - You'll likely find the store brand of grits at Trader Joe's, though availability may vary in each location.
  • Target - Stopping at Target? You can pick up Quaker grits in the cereal area.
  • Kroger - At Kroger, you'll see different brands of grits around the hot cereals.
  • Publix - Publix stocks Quaker grits, if not other brands.



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