Why are Cashews More Expensive than Pistachios?

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Why are Cashews More Expensive than Pistachios?

Thrifty shoppers all excel at one thing: being mindful of prices. This means being mindful of all prices, too, which includes the costs of things that go in your kitchen.

Any price-conscious person has probably noticed that the cost of nuts is surprisingly high. Seeing prices in the double digits for a small bag or can of nuts can be shocking.

But why are some more expensive the others? Take cashews or pistachios, for instance. Why are cashews more expensive than pistachios?

We’ll be writing about the cost of these nuts in this post and explaining why they’re available at their prices.

Quick Answer: Why are Cashews More Expensive than Pistachios?

To be honest, the jury is still out on whether or not cashews are truly more expensive than pistachios. Depending on the sources you look at, some will show cashews as costing more and others will show them costing less.

Because of this, whether or not cashews will cost you more money will depend on where you buy them, how much of them you buy, and what kind you’re buying.

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Average Prices of Cashews vs Pistachios

"The reason for the price of any nut varies based on a huge range of factors."

So what exactly are the average prices for either cashews or pistachios?

Again, that varies based on where you’re looking. One of the more recent sources we found does show a price disparity between these nuts. According to this source, pistachios cost around $2.50 a pound while cashews cost about $8.95 a pound.

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Other sources go in the opposite direction when it comes to variation between the prices, showing that several ounces of cashews will cost $4.74 and several ounces of pistachios will cost $6.87.

The reason for the price of any nut varies based on a huge range of factors. Cashews are difficult to process and can only be grown in sandy soil, which ends up raising the price.

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Pistachios trees, on the other hand, take a long time to reach maturity. Each bag of pistachios you see in your store came from a tree that took two decades to grow. Additionally, fully mature pistachio trees produce a small number of pistachios when compared with other trees.

All these things can drive up the price tag you see.

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Which One Should You Choose to Eat?

With a better understanding of the prices, now it’s time to decide which one you should eat. Taste is a matter of opinion, but which one is better for you?

Calorically speaking, cashews and pistachios are almost completely equal. In other words, you’ll get pretty much the same amount of calories whether you’re eating cashews or pistachios.

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As for vitamins, pistachios have more to offer you. You’ll find more calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A in them.

Furthermore, pistachios have quadruple the number of antioxidants found in cashews.

Basically, pistachios are healthier for you. However, health isn’t the only thing that factors into what we eat. Taste is near the top of everyone’s list, so that’s also something to consider when choosing between pistachios and cashews.

Of course, you could also just get both if you find yourself torn between them.

Wrap Up

Recent sources do show that cashews can be more expensive than pistachios. Further research on our part indicates that pistachios, despite occasionally being cheaper, can actually be healthier for you.

But that depends on how you get cashews or pistachios, too. A number of spices and glazes used on nuts can change their nutritional values.

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Another thing to think about is taste. We personally like both cashews and pistachios, so we’d have a hard time choosing between them. In truth, whichever one you choose is up to you when all is said and done.

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