Why are Cashews More Expensive than Peanuts?

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Why are Cashews More Expensive than Peanuts?

Have you ever compared the prices of cashews and peanuts while grocery shopping?

If so, you’ve probably noticed there’s quite a price difference between them. Even when you compare and contrast prices from within the same brand, you’ll typically see that peanuts are way more affordable.

We’ve researched why cashews are more expensive than peanuts. In this post, we’ll write about the prices of these well-known nuts and the reasons behind their cost.

Quick Answer: Why are Cashews More Expensive than Peanuts?

There are a few reasons why cashews are so expensive. The first is that there’s a long process involved in making them edible. They have to be removed from a fruit, shucked, and then graded.

Second, cashew plants have specific growing conditions that they need. They need sandy soil and warm temperatures that narrow down the possible locations for growing them, while peanuts can easily grow in a wide range of places.

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Last, the world has a larger supply of peanuts to sell. When there’s more of something to go around, the price often reflects that availability by being lower.

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The Average Prices of Cashews and Peanuts

"on average, a container of cashews will cost you approximately twice as much as a similar amount of peanuts."

We’ve been talking about the price, but we haven’t actually discussed any numbers yet. Let’s bring out some numbers so you can see the costs for yourself.

The cost of cashews really varies based on where you’re looking. Some say the typical price for a pound of cashews is $8.95.

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Similarly, the cost of peanuts depends on where you look. However, we’ve found some sources that say the average pound of peanuts costs $3.50.

It’s easy to see that cashews are, indeed, more expensive. In fact, on average, a container of cashews will cost you approximately twice as much as a similar amount of peanuts.

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Cashews vs Peanuts: Which One Should You Buy?

Want to know which nut should find a place in your kitchen next? Then you’re in the right place, because we’ll do a quick head-to-head comparison of peanuts and cashews here.

Assume you have exactly the same amount of peanuts and cashews in two separate containers. If you were to analyze both these containers, you’d find a few different health benefits to either one.

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In terms of calories, cashews and peanuts are remarkably similar. Both are pretty calorie-dense, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t scoop out too many handfuls of them if you’re watching your calorie intake.

Cashews are great for your heart, because of their magnesium.

In comparison, the decent protein content of peanuts makes them wonderful for sating your cravings. They’re also beneficial to your hair and nails because of their biotin.

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If you’re looking for a suggestion of which one to pick based on nutrients, it depends on what you’re more concerned about. For heart health, you might prefer cashews, and for more protein, look to peanuts.

When cost is the bottom line for you, peanuts are the way to go. On average, they are half the price of cashews.

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Wrap Up

Even if their prices are different, peanuts and cashews have one thing in common: a delicious taste that makes them a perfect substitute for less healthy salty snacks. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between one or the other if you don’t want to – you can always get a package of mixed nuts that includes both of them.

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