Why Are Cashews More Expensive Than Almonds?

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Why are Cashews More Expensive than Almonds?

For most people, cost is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to shopping. Many glance at the price of items they want and put things back on the shelves when they’re too pricey.

Groceries are the same. Budget-conscious shoppers will look for the best deals, even when it comes to their favorite snacks.

Because of this, you might have looked at various nuts and wondered about their prices. More specifically, you may have wondered before why cashews are more expensive than almonds.

Read to this end of this post, and we’ll tell you why cashews cost as much as they do, and what factors contribute to that price tag.

Quick Answer: Why are Cashews More Expensive than Almonds?

At this point in time, cashews aren’t actually more expensive than almonds. Various sources consistently indicate that it’s the other way around.

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According to this site, almonds go for $13.99 per pound on average, while cashews go for $8.95 per pound. Another source states that you can get eight ounces of almonds for $4.74 and eight ounces of cashews for the same price.

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Comparing the Prices Between Cashews and Almonds

"cashews actually tend to be slightly cheaper or similar in price to almonds."

As you can see, cashews actually tend to be slightly cheaper or similar in price to almonds. The sources we found above show that a pound of almonds is a few dollars more on average than cashews.

When you get smaller amounts, like ounces, the prices aren’t too different. So if you’re looking to get both at once or you want the cheaper option, cashews or smaller amounts are usually the best avenues.

That being said, cashews can still be more expensive than other kinds of nuts, such as peanuts.

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What Contributes to the Cost of Cashews and Almonds?

Now let’s take a look at what goes into the prices you see on the shelves at your grocery store. We’ll look at the price for cashews specifically, and what makes them cost as much as they do.

One thing to consider is the required conditions for growing cashews. They need a specific kind of sandy soil, which means there’s not as many places you can grow them.

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Furthermore,processing cashews is complicated. It’s not as simple as picking them off the cashew apple and putting them in a bag to sell.

Cashews are covered in toxic skins with caustic acid. Because of this, they have to go through a detailed process that leaves them significantly smaller than before. Part of the price tag is reflecting the lengthy process literally every single cashew nut has to go through before it hits the shelves.

Finally, demand is something else adding up to the final price. The more cashews are in demand, the harder it is to keep up with that demand, and so the higher the cost gets.

Wrap Up

Truthfully, cashews are not more expensive than almonds at this point in time. However, cashews can still be pretty pricey. This mostly has to do with the soil they need, the amount of processing they have to go through before being edible, and because of the high demand for them.

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At the end of the day, though, we think cashews are well worth the asking price, especially if you get fair trade cashews. They’re a wonderful and healthy way to satisfy your craving for salty snacks.

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