Why are Cashews More Expensive Than Other Nuts?

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Why are Cashews More Expensive than Other Nuts?

Cashews are delicious. There’s something about their slightly waxy texture, satisfying crunch, and mild salty taste that makes them borderline addictive.

When we’re in the mood for a nutty snack, cashews are hard to resist. The only problem is, they can really hurt your wallet over time, especially when compared with other nuts.

In this post, we’ll be looking at why cashews are more expensive than other nuts. Additionally, we’ll show you what the most expensive nut available today is.

Quick Answer: Why are Cashews More Expensive Than Other Nuts?

Cashews aren’t the most expensive nut out there, but it’s true that they’re still on the pricey end of the spectrum. There are a few reasons for this.

A long processing time, high demand, and really specific growing conditions all add up to a higher cost.

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How Much Do Cashews Cost and Why Are they So Expensive?

On average, cashews cost $8.95 per pound. We’ll give you a more detailed explanation as to why they cost so much.

For one thing, they take a really long time to process. They have toxic skins that have to be carefully removed for safety. Throughout the processing time, cashews drastically decrease in size from all the parts that need to be taken off.

Once the cashew has been completely shucked, they have to be graded for quality. Because it takes so much work to put them on the shelves, you’re going to see a steeper cost.

Second, cashews need a certain kind of sandy soil. This really limits where they can be grown. Due to the fact that they can’t be grown just anywhere, there’s fewer of them, which drives up the price.

Finally, think about their popularity. When something that takes so much work is in such high demand, the price will naturally rise.

What are the Most Expensive Nuts?

Cashews are expensive, but they’re far from the most expensive nuts you could buy. What are the most expensive nuts in the world?

Well, they’re macadamia nuts. The average pound of macadamia nuts will cost you a jaw-dropping $25 per pound.

Like with cashews, there are a lot of causes for the mountain-high price. To begin with, they’re among the most calorie-dense nuts in the world.

It’s also difficult to grow them. There are several varieties of tree that can grow macadamia nuts, but there are only a couple specific varieties that grow nuts good enough to eat.

And from those two types of tree, you need to wait up to ten years after planting before they can even start growing edible nuts. When something takes that long to make, it will almost always be more expensive.

Wrap Up

"It’s true that cashews can get pretty expensive, but there’s are a few great reasons for that price."

It’s true that cashews can get pretty expensive, but there’s are a few great reasons for that price. Their lengthy processing time and a high demand for them both mean you’ll have to shell out more cash to buy them.

This might mean that cashews are more of a treat for you than a regular kitchen staple. No matter how often you choose to eat them, though, there’s no denying how tasty and snack-worthy they are.

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