Where are Pistachios Grown?

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Where are Pistachios Grown?

Pistachios are a delicious and fun snack to incorporate into your diet. Most people have tried this tasty green nut at one point in their lives.

Despite it being a popular salty treat, though, not many know much about how they’re cultivated. To help you understand their origins, we’ll be discussing where pistachios are grown in detail in this post.

Where are Pistachios Grown?

Pistachio trees as we know them today came from the area we now call Iran and Afghanistan. Their seeds naturally thrive in difficult desert conditions, even today.

Today, pistachios are grown all over the world. Some of the most common producers of pistachios include China, Iran, the United States, Syria, and Turkey.

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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Pistachio Nuts?

"Nowadays,  almost half of all pistachios grown in the entire world come from the United States."

The majority of pistachios were grown in Iran as recently as 2018. Iran has the desert climate that pistachios are naturally well-suited to. This makes cultivating the plant there a little easier.

However, trade sanctions from the US against Iran combined with a changing climate have led to a drop in Iranian pistachio production. Nowadays, almost half of all pistachios grown in the entire world come from the United States.

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Where in California are Pistachios Grown?

Of the pistachios in the United States, California is the main producer. In fact, California produces a whopping 98% of all pistachios that come from the United States. It has some areas with a warm summer and cold winters that pistachio trees simply love.

But where exactly in California can you find pistachio trees? You can find them, it turns out, in San Joaquin Valley. It has blistering heat in the summer and cold fogs in the winter that nurture finicky pistachio trees to perfect health.

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Where Do the Best Pistachio Nuts Come From?

What defines a good pistachio is often left to opinion. The pistachios you’ll find at your local grocery store are more likely than not Californian pistachios. If you like the taste of most pistachios you get from a store, you might say Californian ones are best.

There are some who say, though, that the best pistachios in the world don’t come from any of the main producers. These people say that the best pistachios are actually those grown in a tiny village called Bronte in Sicily.

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Bronte has rich volcanic soil. It gives each pistachio grown there are a wonderful taste. Those who have eaten Sicilian pistachios say that they have a sweet and earthy flavor profile.  

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Wrap Up

Although pistachios are a plant that grows best in the desert, the world has adapted to cultivate it internationally. Today, you’ll find pistachio trees growing in a huge range of countries.

Most recently, the United States has been the biggest producer, although Iran was a close second recently. If you ever get the chance, though, be sure to try a Sicilian pistachio. Sicily’s volcanic soil creates a special taste in each nut that you’re not likely to forget.