Best Planters for Climbing Roses – Top 5 Roomy Options for Your Roses

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Best Planters for Climbing Roses

Are you wondering whether or not there are planters out there that could potentially support gorgeous climbing roses?

The answer is yes – there are quite a few. And our goal in this guide today is to show you what we feel are the best planters for climbing roses.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel A+
Vivosun Grow Bags A+

Best Planters for Climbing Roses

Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Classic Home and Garden S1027D-265R Whiskey Barrel, 20.5

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You’ll get looks and size combined in this Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel. This roomy planter is designed to accommodate larger plants in style.

Although it’s made from plastic, it looks just like a half-barrel container. That’s why, if you’re a fan of rustic aesthetics, this is the one for you.

But it’s not heavy to lift, either. This is due to the plastic material used to make it, which is incredibly easy to carry.

It’s also long-lasting. You don’t need to worry about this planter needing to be replaced anytime soon.


  • Easy to lift.
  • Attractive half-barrel design.
  • Available in multiple sizes, all of which are large.
  • Resistant to fading.
  • Two-color combinations
  • Has drainage holes in the bottom


  • No drainage tray or anything to put underneath the holes.

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Vivosun Grow Bags

VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty 300G Thickened Nonwoven Plant Fabric Pots with Handles

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If you’re looking for something especially heavy-duty to get the job done and don’t necessarily care about the look of the planter, these Vivosun Grow Bags could be an excellent choice. Their biggest sizes could easily support many kinds of climbing roses.

Since they’re made from fabric, they also allow large drainage. Your roses won’t drown in these planters.

Need to move your roses? That’s simple with these bags because they have handles on the sides that are sew-in for sturdiness.

Perhaps one of the best things about them is that they come in a set of five. You’re not just getting one bag when you order them, and you’re getting a total of five, which means you’ll be able to accommodate several of your plants.


  • It comes in a ton of sizes, many of them very large
  • Easy to transport using the sewn-in handles.
  • Excellent for drainage.
  • Includes five planter bags
  • Long-lasting and environmentally-friendly


  • Not as attractive as some other planters.
  • They drain so well you might need to water more often.

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Solid Wood Planter Box

A climbing rose can get pretty massive. Look up pictures of them online, and you’ll find plenty showing these stunning flowers growing up on the sides of houses.

So the first thing on your must-have list for a planter should be that it’s large. This Solid Wood Planter Box will do the trick quite nicely.

You can purchase it in two different sizes, both of which are quite generous. It’s also currently offered in three different colors, which makes it possible to accentuate different looks.

Plus, it ensures your roses will have sufficient drainage to protect them from root rot. The bottom of the planter is made with wood slats that make it possible for extra water to escape.


  • Available in two large sizes.
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Good drainage.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It is recommended for outdoor use only.
  • You’ll need to assemble it, and you will need a screwdriver in order to do so.

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Cordeiro Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter

Don’t trust anyone else to water your plants, but need to go on a vacation? The Cordeiro Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter could be the hero you’re looking for.

At the bottom of the planter, there’s a built-in water reservoir. Your potting mixture is kept out of the water, and the water evaporates up into the soil over time.

Of course, the planter also is made in a range of sizes. There are plenty of larger ones to support big plants.

Even more, it comes in a bunch of fun colors. You can find one to suit virtually any color scheme you might have.

And the material is worth loving, too. The plastic is resistant to weather conditions, staining, and fading, making it safe to use indoors or outdoors.


  • Tons of fun colors.
  • Available in a few sizes.
  • Self-watering feature.
  • Can resist weather, staining, and fading.
  • Easy to lift.


  • No saucer to catch leaking water

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Demonte Self-Watering Plastic Planter Box

This Demonte planter is one classic-looking planter! Its rectangular shape with engraved sides makes it a flexible addition to any home garden.

Furthering its looks, it has four different colors you can buy it in. Each one is versatile, meaning all of them would look wonderful in a variety of gardens.

It’s very large, too. It has the room necessary to support big plants in comfort.


  • Attractive design is available in four colors.
  • Self-watering.
  • Has drainage holes
  • Sturdy
  • Large size


  • Assembly required.
  • Recommended only for outdoor use

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What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Climbing Roses


Climbing roses grow into absolutely massive plants. How big, exactly?

To put it into perspective, consider that many climbing rose types grow to be anywhere from twelve to fifteen feet tall.

Some varieties are slightly smaller but still quite tall. You can find a few that grow to be around six or eight feet tall, which might be a little more ideal if you’re looking to grow them indoors.

For this reason, many gardening experts don’t recommend growing climbing roses in containers. It’s still possible, although it may be more prudent to start them in containers when they are young and plant them in the ground as they get older and bigger.

Naturally, the size of the climbing rose type you choose will impact the size of the planter you use. If you’re using one of the larger types, look for containers as large as possible, like half-barrels.

Ideally, the planter you use for these huge roses should have a volume of at least fifteen gallons. Smaller rose types will need a planter with at least a two-gallon capacity.

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It is never a bad idea to ensure your planter has a good drainage system in place. If standing water can’t escape the planter somehow, it can cause your potting mixture to become too damp.

What happens then? Your plant becomes vulnerable to root rot.

A planter with a good drainage system will have drainage holes in the bottom. Or, in the case of many wood planters, it might have slats in the bottom that permit extra water to flow out.


One surprising thing that impacts your gardening is what the planter you choose is made out of. Some materials hold water better than others, meaning you don’t need to water your plant as much in them.

Some materials that hold water longer are plastic and glazed terracotta or ceramic. Because these materials aren’t porous, water can’t evaporate within them as quickly.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with getting something with a glaze or plastic. It’s just worth noting that more porous materials will require you to add more water.

Wrap Up

So which one is our favorite? We think the Vivosun Grow Bags are an excellent option.

That’s because they have plenty of large sizes available, and you’ll get five of them when you purchase the set. We believe a climbing rose could truly thrive in them.

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