Best Planters for English Ivy – Top 10 Gorgeous Options

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Best Planters for English Ivy

Imagine a cozy English cottage in the countryside in your head. You’re probably picturing vibrant green ivy climbing up the outside, aren’t you?

What you’re most likely imagining is English ivy. You might be surprised to hear that this quick-growing plant is actually easy to grow indoors, too, with a planter.

You could also use a planter to add it a bit of it to your garden without it growing too large.

Which are the best planters for English Ivy? We’ll be happy to answer that for you in this guide.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Classic Home and Garden Santa Fe Bowl Planter A+
Keter Resin Rattan Round Hanging Planter Baskets A+
Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Round Planter Pot A+
Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel A+
Bloem Freesia Planter with Saucer A
Barrel Style Cypress Pot Planter Set A
Balconera Self-Watering Plastic Window Box Planter A+
Estelle Pot Planter A
Romain Ceramic Pot Planter A+

Best Planters for English Ivy

Classic Home and Garden Santa Fe Bowl Planter

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English ivy grows really well in wide, shallow containers because its roots don’t go very deep into the soil. The Classic Home and Garden Santa Fe Bowl Planter is a perfect example of this type of planter.

At 17 inches in diameter, it is wider than it is tall. Better yet, it comes with drainage holes drilled into the bottom to protect your ivy from rotting roots.

The ribbed exterior is unique. This planter is one that would leave an impression on anyone’s memory.


  • Unique ribbed design that looks as if it’s made from ancient copper.
  • Wide, shallow shape is ideal for English ivy.
  • Made from lightweight resin that’s easy to lift.
  • Has a good drainage system drilled into the bottom.


  • It doesn’t come with a saucer to put under the drainage holes.

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Keter Resin Rattan Round Hanging Planter Baskets

Keter Resin Rattan Set of 2 Round Hanging Planter Baskets for Indoor and Outdoor Plants-Perfect for Porches and Patio Decor, Brown

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The way English ivy grows long, beautiful fronds makes it a picture-perfect candidate for a hanging planter. The Keter Resin Rattan Round Hanging Planter is one example of a planter you could let your ivy dangle freely in.

By hanging it up from a ceiling or the eaves of your house, your ivy’s fronds can hang attractively down around it without taking up space on the floor or ground.

The baskets themselves are pretty. Just like the rattan in their name, they look as if they’ve made from a woven material like wicker.

And these baskets won’t fall from their perch anytime soon. They come with strong metal chains you can use to suspend them.

Even with your English ivy and potting mixture inside them, you can expect security.


  • Four color options to choose.
  • Includes hanging chains that are strong and secure.
  • Built-in drainage hole with optional drainage plug.
  • Comes with two planters.
  • The plastic resin comprising the planters won’t peel or rust.


  • Some customers noted that these are so lightweight, they will spin in high winds.

Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Round Planter Pot

8" Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Plant Pot, Maintains Healthy Roots, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)

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One of the flaws with self-watering planters is that it can be difficult to add water to them without overflowing their reservoirs. That makes a mess of water that can get all over your floor or windowsill.

Overfilling isn’t an issue with the Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Round Planter Pot. The water reservoir on the bottom includes a clip-on watering attachment that makes adding water an effortless task.

The self-watering part of it is pretty convenient, too. It has a deep water reservoir that can hold up to two weeks’ worth of water once it’s filled.

Beneath the bottom water compartment, the planter stands on little studs that keep any water stains from forming on wherever you put it.

And if you’re concerned that the plastic exterior has the potential to look tacky, you can rest assured that this planter has the potential to be quite stylish. It’s offered in a range of several colors so that it can either pop out or blend into any environment.


  • Deep water reservoir can hold around two weeks of water.
  • Easy clip-on watering attachment keep you from overfilling the planter.
  • You can buy it in several colors.
  • Comes in a few sizes.
  • Slatted bottom allows plenty of airflow to prevent root rot.


  • The exterior can be susceptible to being scuffed or scratched.
  • Some customers felt it was a little too short.

Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel, 15", Distressed Oak

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If you want the look of a wooden barrel planter without any of the heaviness, this Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel is a great option for you. The lightweight plastic it’s made from mimics the look of a half-barrel planter.

You can purchase it in two different wood designs. One is a lighter and warmer color called Distressed Oak, and the second is a darker, cooler one called Kentucky Walnut.

Regardless of which one you choose, what you’ll get is a tough plastic planter with a great drainage system. You can get in a few sizes to suit any size English ivy, as well.


  • Resembles wood, but is still light to lift.
  • Has drainage holes already drilled into the bottom.
  • Available in a few sizes and two different colors.
  • Resistant to fading caused by UV light.


  • No saucer to put beneath the drainage holes.

Bloem Freesia Planter with Saucer

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While drainage holes are no doubt good for most plants, they can still cause a little mess. Water drips out through them, requiring you to mop it up or causing water stains.

That’s why so many planters with drainage holes include a tray you can set the planter on. These trays catch any running water and prevent it from spilling everywhere.

The Bloem Freesia Planter is one example of a planter with excellent drainage combined with a drainage tray. You won’t need to worry about a mess forming with this one.

Available in a few colors and sizes, you’re also likely to find one that fits what you have in mind for your English ivy. These options and the fact that it’s extremely tough make it versatile.

You can safely use it both indoors and outdoors without having to be concerned it will break.


  • A few colors and sizes are available.
  • Has a drainage hole with an attached drip tray.
  • Durable plastic material can resist weather and UV light.
  • Glossy finish with earthy leaf motif.
  • Since it’s light, it’s not hard to move it.


  • Some customers felt the planter’s plastic looks cheap.
  • A few other customers reported it was larger than they expected.

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Barrel Style Cypress Pot Planter Set

Barrel Style Cypress Planter Box Set 2


Nothing makes a garden look like it belongs in a country home magazine quite as well as a barrel planter does. The wooden blanks, rings wrapping out the exterior, and the handles just look rustic and homey.

In this Barrel Style Cypress Pot Planter Set, you’re getting a total of four barrel planters. Each one increases in size, from small to large.

Their short and squat silhouette is perfect for English ivy, as well. The shallow-growing roots will have enough room to grow, and the wide top will give space to its fronds.

Since this set is made from real wood, it will be resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and rust. You can anticipate a long life from these gorgeous planters.


  • Includes four planters.
  • Each planter has drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Made from sturdy and real wood.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • No plugs or saucers included with the drainage holes.

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Balconera Self-Watering Plastic Window Box Planter

Balconera Self-Watering Plastic Window Box Planter


With the Balconera Self-Watering Window Box Planter, you could grow a small hedge of English Ivy. Due to its 20-inch wide shape, it’s perfect for growing a mini privacy screen on a balcony.

In addition to the wide shape, it’s self-watering. Your English Ivy and its potting mixture are held suspended over a water reservoir.

You add water to the bottom of the planter, and hollow legs beneath the plant dip into the water you’ve added. Over time, as it needs water, it will absorb as much as it needs.

If you’re concerned you might forget to refill the planter’s water supply, there’s no need to worry. It comes with a built-in water level indicator at the top that shows you when you need to add a little more.


  • Self-watering.
  • Extra-wide shape is perfect for growing a small hedge.
  • Has drainage holes.
  • The sturdy plastic build resists rust and weather conditions.
  • Includes a water level gauge so you won’t forget to add water to the planter.
  • Currently available in three different colors.


  • It does require a little assembly.
  • If you’d like to hang it from a railing on a balcony or from a window, it doesn’t include hanging brackets.

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Estelle Pot Planter

Estelle Plastic Pot Planter


There’s just something about the look of a plain ceramic pot amidst a flourishing green garden that’s classic. The problem with plain ceramic, though, is that it can get heavy at a size that’s large enough to accommodate an English ivy plant, and it can absorb moisture from the potting mixture more quickly.

Those issues are resolved with the Estelle Pot Planter. It has the look of a classic ceramic pot without the heaviness or water absorption.

What’s it actually made from, then? It’s made from plastic that mimics the look of ceramic or terracotta, but because it’s plastic, it’s still easy to transport.

The walls of this planter are made a little thicker, as well, so it’s extra-tough. Use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about it breaking easily.


  • Long-lasting and tough.
  • Sold in a few different sizes and a couple colors.
  • Has drainage holes to keep your ivy from getting waterlogged.
  • Artificially distressed exterior makes it look antique.
  • Light enough to lift without having to strain.


  • Does not have any kind of saucer for the drainage hole.

Romain Ceramic Pot Planter

Romain Ceramic Pot Planter


The Romain Ceramic Pot Planter is perfect for accentuating the green of your English ivy. The green color of this planter is vibrant while being soothing, with lines and circles forming an intriguing pattern all over its surface.

As a homemade planter, it has a look that you won’t find in many other places these days. It has heart and character – just like English ivy does.

Made from glazed ceramic, this Romain planter is tough and stable. It won’t tip over easily, even in places with high winds.

With a drainage hole in the bottom, it’s also prepared to ensure your plants don’t sit in soaked soil for long.


  • Beautiful green color and circular pattern.
  • Drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Handmade.
  • Comes in three sizes.
  • The glaze adds a layer of durability to the planter so it can withstand weather conditions.


  • Does not include a saucer to put beneath the drainage hole.
  • Only available in one color.
  • Because it’s made by hand, there may be variations in the product.

Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box with Trellis

English ivy looks beautiful when it’s trained to climb up a trellis or support. With the right supports, you can turn it into a privacy screen or even grow it into fun shapes.

With the Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box with Trellis, you won’t need to buy the supports for your English ivy. A trellis is already built into the planter box, which you can train some vines to grow up.

When it’s covered with vines, this planter box would make an excellent privacy wall. Put it on a deck, balcony, or outside a door for your own private oasis.


  • Includes a trellis support system for ivy vines.
  • Self-watering.
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Sold in three colors.
  • Has drainage holes.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Does not have any kind of saucer or covering to put under drainage holes.

What to Consider When Buying a Planter for English Ivy


We all know what happens to a plant when it doesn’t get enough water: it withers and dies. What some beginning gardeners might not know is that giving a plant too much water can also cause it to die.

This is because the soil can become waterlogged, and the moist environment promotes the growth of fungus. Eventually, the plant’s roots will start rotting in a condition that’s aptly called root rot.

What do you do to protect your plants from this? On top of researching how much water your plant needs, you can get a planter with drainage holes in the bottom.

These holes allow any extra water to run out of the bottom of the planter. That way, the soil doesn’t stay too damp for long.

Got a planter without a drainage hole? The good news is, you can usually drill or pierce your own drainage holes through the bottom of a planter that doesn’t have them.

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Size and Shape

The size and shape of your planter can be pretty vital, too. And if you’re not an expert, it can be especially hard to find the answers you need in this regard because there aren’t many places that tell you right away what you need from a planter.

The solution to this issue is figuring out how your plant grows. Find the answers to questions such as how deep its roots go, and how large the parts above the soil grow.

English ivy, for example, doesn’t need a very deep container, because its roots don’t go far into the soil.

That means a short, wide container would be perfect to accommodate this kind of growth pattern. A container that is just large enough to hold its roots will be plenty.

On the other hand, a plant with deep-reaching roots will need a taller planter.


During its growing season, English ivy likes moist soil. In addition to drainage holes, the material a planter is made from will determine how moist the soil is kept and for how long.

Ceramic and terracotta are excellent and common materials, but without glaze on them, they don’t hold moisture for long. That’s due to their naturally porous material.

Plastic is great for holding water. It’s not porous, so it doesn’t absorb any water itself, which allows soil to stay moist for a longer period of time.

That does mean, however, that you may not need to water as often. It’s the same if you choose a ceramic or terracotta planter that’s glazed all over.

Wrap Up

For English ivy, we must say we like the look of the Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box quite a bit. We feel it would make a gorgeous privacy screen once you’ve grown vines up the trellis.

Its short and wide frame is also perfect for ivy roots that don’t reach far in the soil, while also allowing room above for vines to grow and spread.

Looking to grow a whole garden in planters? We’ve got a few suggestions on which planters to use for a variety of plants right here. 

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