Best Planters for Cactus – Top 9 Unique Options that You’ll Love Displaying

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Best Planters for Cactus

There’s just something cute about cactus plants, even if they are prickly. They’re truly some of nature’s toughest survivors, and that makes them worth admiring.

Adding a cactus to your garden or home décor is a surefire way make your space feel different. But unless you’re planning on planting it directly in the ground, you’ll need a planter.

We’ve done a little searching and found several of the best planters for cactus. Like your plants, they come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re bound to find one that catches your eye.

Best Planters for Cactus

This 6-piece set of mini planters possesses an unmistakably artistic air. The glossy patterns would be right at home in an eclectic-inspired space.

Because they’re so small, they can squeeze into tight spaces, too. It won’t be a struggle to make room for these creative-looking planters.

Their small size doesn’t mean they’re not functional. Each one has one hole in the bottom that accomplishes two things: it lets your soil mixture drain, and it helps the cactus breathe.


  • You’ll get six mini planters in this set.
  • The paint and glaze on the pots looks chic and eclectic.
  • Each planter has a different pattern to fit a range of environments.
  • Made from high-quality ceramic.


  • These are mini planters, so make sure your cactus could fit in them before buying.

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Want a planter that won’t look distracting or overwhelming? These Greenaholics pots could be exactly what you need.

Their solid white design with bamboo trays is very soothing to look at. Plus, it means they’re extra-versatile and can match with many other colors or patterns.

The bamboo trays are a thoughtful touch. They keep any water that comes from the drainage hole from dampening your shelves, tables, or wherever you choose to place the cactus.


  • Sleek and minimal design.
  • Bamboo trays catch any drips of water.
  • Drainage holes protect plants from overwatering.
  • Comes in a set of two planters.


  • These planters are a little on the small side, so be sure to understand how much room your cactus needs first.

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Janise Ceramic Pot Planter

If you like a clean minimalist look, but want something with an interesting touch, this Janise Ceramic Pot Planter is a strong contender.

It’s available in a few different solid colors, but has slightly more visual appeal because of its textured sides. Raised bumps are patterned all over the sides for a 3D sort of look.


  • Interesting raised geometric design.
  • Comes in a few different colors.
  • Can fit in a variety of places.


  • Because it doesn’t have a drainage hole in the bottom, you may need to be wary of overwatering.

These OAMCEG plant pots take the clean, earthy look of white and bamboo and modify it a bit. Rather than being completely round, these pots are shaped like hexagons.

It makes them a little more interesting to look at, as well as a bit quirky. They’re great for anyone who likes the look of the colors, but wants something slightly different.

Like the Greenaholics planters, these ones also have drainage holes in the bottom. The holes make it possible for extra water to drip from the pot, and the bamboo trays catch any drips.

You’re also getting six of these pots when you purchase the set. It’s perfect for coordinating the decorating scheme in your space.


  • Unique hexagonal shape.
  • Drain holes allow proper drainage so your cacti aren’t watered too much.
  • Bamboo trays bring an earthy look to the pots, as well as catch any draining water.
  • Comes in a set of six planters.


  • With a height and width of approximately 2.75 inches, these planters are a little on the small side. Measure your cactus accordingly to ensure a good fit.

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We personally love the look of these little Owl plant pots. This particular set includes twelve different planters.

Each one is shaped like an owl. And each one is as adorable as the last.

If you know any fans of owls, these could make the perfect gift for them. Or if you like owls yourself, these planters would look cute on a shelf or windowsill.


  • Cute and unique owl-inspired design.
  • Your plants will be protected from rot and overwatering with draining holes.
  • With twelve planters in the set, you can scatter them around your house rather than having to decide on just one place to put them.


  • These measure at 2.5 inches tall, so be aware of their petite size and make sure it could accommodate your cactus.
Bellaire Ceramic Cactus Pot Planter

It might seem a bit redundant to put a cactus plant Bellaire’s Ceramic Cactus Pot Planter, but we think it could be humorous and adorable.

This planter, as you can see, is shaped like a cactus. In addition to being great for displaying your plants, the design itself is very natural-looking.

Put a cactus in a cactus-shaped pot, and you’re all but guaranteed to get smiles whenever your guests see it. Plus it’s easy to clean – just run a damp cloth over it when you need to tidy up some stubborn dirt.


  • One-of-a-kind cactus-inspired shape.
  • Measuring at a little over five inches tall, it has a bit more room than some other planters.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • A little bit larger than some of the other options in this guide.


  • Does not have a drainage hole in the bottom.

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The One Goods planter set with its bamboo tray would make a beautiful edition to a zen garden-like decorating scheme. The arched drip tray looks simply elegant.

It does more than just look pretty, though. The bamboo tray also doubles as a tray that captures any water escaping from the holes at the bottom of the pots.

Even the pots are a little more than meets the eye. If you glanced at them quickly, you might not notice the rippling texture, but a closer look will reveal it.

Combined with the graceful bend of the holding tray, it adds up to gorgeous appearance.


  • An original take on the pot and tray design.
  • Beautiful rippled texture on the planters.
  • The drainage hole guards your cacti from rotting and too much water.
  • The drip tray is both a shelf and a barrier between any dripping water and the surface beneath.


  • As a smaller planter, you’ll need to make sure it can fit your cactus before buying it.

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What could be more whimsical than Sun-E’s Blue Conch Ocean Series planters? Each one is shaped like a giant conch shell and painted a soothing blue color.

Additionally, at 5.5 inches, you could fit slightly larger cacti in them. And you could have more than one cacti out in these, since they’re a set of four planters.

The holes in the bottoms will work to keep your cacti properly hydrated. They’ll also ensure that the soil is sufficiently aerated and mold prevented.


  • Attractive conch shell design.
  • Has 5.5 inches of room for your cactus.
  • Comes with four planters.
  • Made from high-quality ceramic.


  • A few customers felt these planters were shallower than they anticipated.

These ceramic pottery planters may look a plain when compared to the others, but the possibilities with them are endless. Their bare ceramic sides make a wonderful canvas for your creativity.

If you have kids, this could be a fun crafting project with them. Buy some paints and brushes and sit down to decorate these little pots with them.

Of course, they’re functional, too. Each one has a hole at the bottom so extra water can escape and avoid oversaturating your cactus.

They’re also all made from durable ceramic baked at high temperatures. You’ll get 24 if you purchase the set, as well, so if anything happens to one, you’ll have plenty more.


  • Includes 24 planters.
  • Each one has a drainage hole in the bottom for aeration and draining.
  • The plain sides would be perfect for a craft project.
  • Made from high-quality ceramic.


  • These are a little on the small side of the spectrum.

What to Consider When Buying a Planter for Cactus

Size and Shape

One of the first things you should look at for a cactus planter is the size and shape of the container. Ideally, the planter shouldn’t be too much wider than the cactus itself.

The roots should also be able to spread through the majority of the soil. If you’re unsure just how expansive your cactus’s roots are, you can try removing it temporarily from its soil to measure its roots.

Basically, if you’ve got a small cactus, you’ll want a smaller pot rather than sticking in it a large one. On the other hand, a bigger cactus will require a more expansive container.

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Drainage Holes

Drainage holes are crucial in planters for a wide range of plants. If there isn’t a hole, water can accumulate at the bottom of the planter and lead to rot.

A drainage hole prevents this from happening by giving that excess water an escape route. In addition to that, the hole helps keep the soil nice and ventilated.

If you choose to purchase a planter without a drainage hole, you can potentially drill one into the bottom yourself. Alternatively, you can monitor the amount of watering you do so don’t accidentally oversaturate your plant.


Of the many materials you can get a planter in, ceramic and plastic are the most common. The good news is, either one is acceptable for a cactus.

To start with, ceramic is usually stable and heavy, especially the larger the pot is. The main drawback to them, though, is that this heaviness can make them hard to move around.

They’re also susceptible to breaking if they’re dropped or knocked over. This is something to keep in mind in houses with children or pets.

Plastic excels where ceramic doesn’t. It’s light, easy to transport, and it won’t shatter.

However, its surface is prone to being scratched or scuffed. It also may not have the luxurious look that ceramic tends to lend to a planter.

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Wrap Up

If we had to pick one planter set to decorate with, we’d love to try out the No products found. Bamboo trays are fairly common, but not in the beautiful arch like this one.

It’s true that because they’re a little petite, you’ll only be able to fit small cacti in these planters. But we think a few tiny cacti in these pots resting on the arched tray would look graceful just about anywhere.

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