Best Planters for a Peace Lily – Top 5 Options Your Lily will Thrive in

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Best Planters for a Peace Lily

Peace lilies are charming plants. Just like their name, you could feel at peace as you look at them.

When you decide to bring one of these dazzling flowers home, you’ll need to think about what kind of planter to put it in. Fortunately, we’ve done some brainstorming for you.

We’ll be sharing our picks for the best planters for a peace lily in this post. We’ll also explain why we like each selection and any potential drawbacks.

Product Name Grade

Self-Aerating and Self-Watering Round Planter


Rivet Textured Stoneware Indoor Planter


Surreal Birch Vertical Planter


Fasmov Round Modern Ceramic Garden Flower Pots


Best Planters for a Peace Lily

Self-Aerating and Self-Watering Round Planter


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We’ve talked about the Self-Aerating and Self-Watering Round Planter before, and it’s because we think it’s worth it. Many customers have reported their satisfaction with this planter.

What makes it so good? Well, for one thing, as the name says, it’s self-watering and has excellent ventilation.

At the bottom of the planter, there’s a deep dish of water. The top part has legs that reach down into this pool, allowing your lily’s potting mixture to suck up as much as possible.

Watering your lily isn’t a messy affair with this planter, either. It has a watering attachment that can clip onto the side for quick and drip-free watering.


  • It has self-watering and plenty of ventilation, so your lily doesn’t sit in standing water.
  • When filled, the water reservoir can last for around two weeks.
  • It’s quick and easy to fill the planter’s reservoir using the attachment.
  • The plastic material is sturdy and resistant to UV rays.
  • Available in multiple sizes to find the right size for your lily.


  • It may not look as attractive as other options on this list.
  • Some have said the plastic surface is prone to scuffs and scratches.

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Brantner Ceramic Pot Planter

This Brantner planter is the picture of simple elegance. It still looks graceful with its slender wooden stand without any patterns or bold colors.

It comes in both black and white so that it can serve as a tasteful accent anywhere. You can also get different kinds of wood stands to achieve various aesthetics.

At the bottom of the planter, there’s a drainage hole. This ensures your peace lily doesn’t sit in stagnant water and succumb to root rot.


  • The solid coloration will contrast wonderfully with the green of your lily’s leaves and the white of its flowers.
  • It comes in two different colors with various types of wood stands.
  • It has a drain hole at the bottom.
  • It is made from sturdy and heavy ceramic.


  • It does not have a tray to put under the drainage hole.

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Rivet Textured Stoneware Indoor Planter

Amazon Brand – Rivet Rustic Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Outdoor Flower Plant Pot, 5"H, Bronze, Small Planter

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The Rivet Rustic Indoor Planter is an excellent selection when you’re looking for something with a little more visual intrigue. The crosshatched pattern on it almost looks like wood.

Furthermore, the gradient on it is incredibly appealing. It would make an artistic addition to any home and top off the beauty of your peace lily.

You can purchase it in several sizes. That means you can probably find one that’s best for your lily.


  • It features a contemporary crosshatched pattern.
  • Available in three colors to pair with several settings.
  • Made from tough stoneware.


  • There are no drainage holes in this pot, so you may need to use another planter inside it that has drainage and use it on the outside.

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Surreal Birch Vertical Planter

SURREAL Planters VB-4 Vertical Planter, 6-Inch, Birch

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Talk about a natural centerpiece! This Surreal Birch Vertical Planter is designed to look like a birch tree.

And it looks compelling. We weren’t the only ones who thought so – many customers said it seems realistic in person.

Setting aside its singular appearance, it could be the perfect home for your peace lily. It has drain holes in the bottom to let the water run out.

The way it’s designed also prevents your plant from getting too hot or cold. Peace lilies, which thrive in warmer temperatures, could benefit from this quality.


  • Realistic and exciting birch design.
  • It protects plants from heat and cold.
  • It has a drain hole with a plug if you need to seal it.
  • The paint resists fading and weather conditions.
  • Each planter is made by hand.


  • It does not have a tray to catch any drips from the drain hole.

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Fasmov Round Modern Ceramic Garden Flower Pots

Fasmov Round Modern Ceramic Garden Flower Pots White Succulent Cactus Plant Pots, Set of 3

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Most people like it when their purchase includes a little extra. With this Fasmov Round planter, you’re getting a set of three instead of just one planter.

Each set is a different size, ranging from small to large. If you get your peace lily when it’s young, you can use the larger planters as it ages.

The ridges on the outside take the plain white exterior and make it more interesting. The effect is stylish and straightforward.

Plus, these planters include trays. That allows you to protect your settings by putting the tray under the drain hole, where it can catch and leak water or potting mixture.


  • It includes three planters.
  • Each planter is a different size, so you can use them for other plants or as your lily grows.
  • Clean appearance.
  • This set has drain holes and drip trays to go with them.


  • It does not come in any other colors, so it may not look as unique as other planters in this guide.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Planter for Your Peace Lily


The size of your planter or pot has more effect than just where you can place it. Each plant has its own specific needs, and more or less room is one of them.

Peace lilies don’t necessarily need a bunch of excess space. The planter shouldn’t be more than a third larger than the root ball in an optimal setup.

For that reason, you may need to measure your peace lily before buying a planter for it. This is just something to keep on your priorities as you look into planters.

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Because they naturally flourish in tropical environments, peace lilies tend to damp their potting mixture. However, this does not mean they can remain in a stagnant pool of water for long.

You’ll still want a planter that can drain well with a drainage hole in the bottom. If your planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, you can drill one into it or keep the lily within a second draining planter inside the one without a hole.


The material of your planter won’t exactly make or break your peace lily, but it can have a bit of an impact.

As an example, look at plastic. It’s a common planter material because it’s affordable, long-lasting, and lightweight.

But it also isn’t as breathable as other materials, so water tends to remain in the potting media for a more extended amount of time. If your plastic planter doesn’t have openings to aerate the soil, you may need to be especially careful of overwatering.

Ceramic is also a popular planter material. It’s sturdy and durable, but keep in mind that it can wick away moisture faster.

With a ceramic planter, you may want to monitor your potting media to avoid getting too dry.


You likely chose a peace lily because they’re stunning. Likewise, you can select an attractive planter.

They come in all types of colors and shapes. Even the material can lend varying looks to planters, with plastic usually being more shiny and ceramic looking especially solid.

The utility is essential, but that doesn’t mean you can also choose a planter that resonates with you.

Wrap Up

We think that the Self-Aerating and Self-Watering Round Planter is a particularly great pick. Aside from many customers reporting their peace lilies being right at home inside this planter, it’s potentially great for beginning gardeners.

The self-watering and self-aerating features could be a natural gift to someone who doesn’t have much experience caring for plants.

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